Grandeur in Extinctions?

first_imgHistory was what it was, not what a machine says it must have been. Machines don’t learn unless they are instructed by intelligent human minds to do so — and humans have biases.  This extinction of species has, on the whole, been roughly balanced by the origination of new ones over Earth’s history, with a few major temporary imbalances scientists call mass extinction events. Scientists have long believed that mass extinctions create productive periods of species evolution, or “radiations,” a model called “creative destruction.” A new study led by scientists affiliated with the Earth-Life Science Institute (ELSI) at Tokyo Institute of Technology used machine learning to examine the co-occurrence of fossil species and found that radiations and extinctions are rarely connected, and thus mass extinctions likely rarely cause radiations of a comparable scale. Here’s how they applied this new narrative to the Cambrian Explosion. This narrative had an advantage. It gave them an opportunity to blame our modern technological society. This has become almost a requirement for any paper about extinction. Something Surprising Dr. Hoyal Cuthill says, “Each extinction that happens on our watch erases a species that may have existed for millions of years up to now, making it harder for the normal process of new species origination to replace what is being lost.” A new study applies machine learning to the fossil record to visualise life’s history, showing the impacts of major evolutionary events. This shows the long-term evolutionary and ecological impacts of major events of extinction and speciation. … and so on and so forth. Their take-home finding, though, was simple: extinctions and radiations are not necessarily correlated, as previously thought. shares the reaction: The team discussed how to rearrange the inputs while chatting at lunch. If extinctions don’t cause radiations, they pondered, that means the classic K-T extinction/radiation narrative needs rewiring. With billions of data points available to crunch in their models, there was plenty of wiggle room for the model to get the desired Darwin output.  Evolution NewsEvolution News & Science Today (EN) provides original reporting and analysis about evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues, including breaking news about scientific research. It also covers the impact of science on culture and conflicts over free speech and academic freedom in science. Finally, it fact-checks and critiques media coverage of scientific issues. Share And what is that normal process of new species origination, class? It’s Creative Destruction. Or was that Destructive Creation? Whatever. The details don’t matter in this “study” because the web of belief is robust to perturbations. Input Darwin assumptions; stir the billions of tea leaves; output Darwin conclusions. There is grandeur in this view of life, Darwin taught us. With its several powers, including new ones like Creative Destruction and Destructive Creation, endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved — and destroyed. The team further found that radiations may, in fact, cause major changes to existing ecosystems, an idea the authors call “destructive creation.” They found that, during the Phanerozoic Eon, on average, the species that made up an ecosystem at any one time are almost all gone by 19 million years later. But when mass extinctions or radiations occur, this rate of turnover is much higher. Evolution Grandeur in Extinctions?Evolution News @DiscoveryCSCDecember 21, 2020, 6:32 AM How this differs from interpreting tea leaves was not explained. It would seem that the more leaves, the more opportunities to give the customers what they want to hear. Customers in academia want to hear it in jargon, so the authors obliged by publishing their lunchtime chat, translated into appropriate stultiloquence, in Nature. They scored extra points by getting noted Cambrian paleontologist Graham Budd to sign on. Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesis Chatting at Lunch Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Image: A scene from The Information Enigma, via Discovery Institute.A new “study” from the Tokyo Institute of Technology applied artificial intelligence (AI) to the history of life on earth. According to the GIGO law (garbage in, garbage out), one cannot get more out of a model than what one puts in. Perhaps this one could be a corollary of that law, DIDO: put Darwinian assumptions in, and you will get Darwinian models out. introduces the project with some Darwin praise:  Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour Creative destruction is central to classic concepts of evolution. It seems clear that there are periods in which many species suddenly disappear, and many new species suddenly appear. However, radiations of a comparable scale to the mass extinctions, which this study, therefore, calls the mass radiations, have received far less analysis than extinction events. This study compared the impacts of both extinction and radiation across the period for which fossils are available, the so-called Phanerozoic Eon. The Phanerozoic (from the Greek meaning “apparent life”), represents the most recent ~ 550-million-year period of Earth’s total ~4.5 billion-year history, and is significant to palaeontologists: Before this period, most of the organisms that existed were microbes that didn’t easily form fossils, so the prior evolutionary record is hard to observe. The new study suggests creative destruction isn’t a good description of how species originated or went extinct during the Phanerozoic, and suggests that many of the most remarkable periods of evolutionary radiation occurred when life entered new evolutionary and ecological arenas, such as during the Cambrian explosion of animal diversity and the Carboniferous expansion of forest biomes. What is a “study”? It’s one of those subjective, indefinite terms that could mean something good, bad, or indifferent, depending on how hard the people studied, and how objective they tried to be. One should glide over anything called a “study” and consider it sloppy till proven rigorous. This new study’s model is pictured in a color graph, with the following caption: Surprisingly, in contrast to previous narratives emphasising the importance of post-extinction radiations, this work found that the most comparable mass radiations and extinctions were only rarely coupled in time, refuting the idea of a causal relationship between them. “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guide A New Narrative and the Cambrian Explosion The Tokyo group mixed together some inputs but got something surprising: two Darwinian inputs appeared to clash with each other. Recommended With that aspect of their “study” complete, they concocted another scenario by flipping the phrase into “destructive creation.” Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man Our Debt to the Scientific Atheists Here we apply machine learning to generate a spatial embedding (multidimensional ordination) of the temporal co-occurrence structure of the Phanerozoic fossil record, covering 1,273,254 occurrences in the Paleobiology Database for 171,231 embedded species. This facilitates the simultaneous comparison of macroevolutionary disruptions, using measures independent of secular diversity trends…. Charles Darwin’s landmark opus “On the Origin of the Species” ends with a beautiful summary of his theory of evolution: “There is a grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.” In fact, scientists now know that most species that have ever existed are extinct. [Emphasis added.] TagsCambrian ExplosionCambrian NewsCarboniferous PeriodCharles DarwinCreative DestructionDarwinian evolutionDarwiniansEarth-Life Science Instituteecospaceevolutionary radiationextinctionGraham BuddJennifer Hoyal Cuthillmachine learningmass extinction eventsOn the Origin of SpeciesPaleobiology DatabasepaleontologistsPhanerozoic EonTokyo Institute of Technology,Trending In one co-author’s colloquial translation, “you don’t necessarily have to chip an existing piece off to allow something new to appear.” Why, organisms can suddenly emerge without a prior extinction to push them into colonizing vacant ecospace. There is grandeur in this view of life! Once Again, No Problemo No harm was done to Darwinism in their “study,” because the web of belief can be rearranged so that radiation takes place in the arena of ecology instead of extinction. “Creative destruction” no longer needs to be the cause for sudden appearance of many new species. Changing ecology can be re-routed to become the cause for it. Maybe it was climate change. This should be rather sad for Darwinians. They thought that a mass extinction creates new organisms (“productive periods of species evolution”). They had believed that “creative destruction” was sufficient to bring forth new organisms in rapid speciation events called radiations. But whenever clashing Darwin inputs lead to a contradiction in expectations, there’s never cause for worry. New scenarios can always be imagined in order to keep evolutionary theory intact. In Quinian terms, their web of belief is robust against perturbations. They can have their Creative Destruction, and Grandeur, too!  Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Lead author Dr. Hoyal Cuthill said, “Some of the most challenging aspects of understanding the history of life are the enormous timescales and numbers of species involved. New applications of machine learning can help by allowing us to visualise this information in a human-readable form. This means we can, so to speak, hold a half-billion years of evolution in the palms of our hands and gain new insights from what we see.” A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to Alllast_img read more

Social media influencer convicted for violent plot to hijack website name

first_imgiStock/xijian(NEW YORK) —  A social media influencer from Iowa is facing 20 years in prison for planning a violent home invasion to hijack an internet domain name for his company.Rossi Lorathio Adams II, 26, was convicted of conspiracy to interfere with commerce by force, threats and violence on Thursday, according to a statement released by the U.S. Attorney’s Office Northern District of Iowa.According to the statement, Adams founded the social media company “State Snaps” and at one point had more than a million followers on his social media sites. These sites mostly contained images and videos of young adults engaged in crude behavior, drunkenness and nudity. Adams’ followers often used the slogan: “Do It For State!”When Adams tried to purchase an internet domain named after the slogan — “” — he discovered that it belonged to a Cedar Rapids resident who had registered it on, the statement said. When the owner rejected Adams repeated offers to buy the domain between 2015 and 2017, Adams became aggressive, in one instance threatening one of the domain owner’s friends with “gun emojis” after the friend used the domain to promote concerts, according to the statement.When that didn’t convince the domain owner to sell the website, Adams enlisted his cousin, Sherman Hopkins, Jr., to help. On June 21, 2017, Adams and Hopkins drove to the domain owner’s home. Adams then gave his cousin a note containing instructions for the domain owner to transfer the domain name to Adams’ GoDaddy account, the statement said. Hopkins, a convicted felon who lived in a homeless shelter at the time, then broke into the home and forced the domain owner at gunpoint to transfer ownership of the domain to Adams.Hopkins then pistol whipped the victim in the head multiple times, according to the statement. The victim managed to gain control of the gun, but during the struggle, he was shot in the leg. The victim shot Hopkins multiple times in the chest before calling the police, the statement said.Hopkins was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in June 2018.Adams was taken into custody by the United States Marshal after the verdict was returned and will remain in custody pending sentencing. In addition to a possible 20 years in prison, Adams faces a $250,000 fine and three years of supervised release following any imprisonment. Copyright © 2019, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.last_img read more

Aerospace agreement links Vermont, Québec

first_imgby Hilary Niles Vermont’s position in the corridor between the global aerospace hubs of Connecticut and Québec will come into focus Monday at the fourth International Aerospace Innovation Forum in Montreal.The Vermont Aerospace & Aviation Association, a division of the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, will be joined by nine Vermont companies and the Agency of Commerce & Community Development when representatives sign a memorandum of understanding with Aero Montreal, a strategic think tank for Québec’s aerospace sector.Vermont’s contingent at the convention will be larger than any other American state at the international forum, according to a press release.The MOU formalizes a loose working relationship between VAAA and Aero Montreal that’s been nearly two years in the making, according to Chris Carrigan, vice president of business development for the Vermont Chamber of Commerce. The organizations will share industry information and business opportunities to better integrate the cross-border supply chain.On behalf of their members, the groups will share access to seminars, workshops and webinars, Carrigan said. They’ll also participate in some of each other’s events, starting with the Aerospace Innovation Forum from Dec. 2-4. Aero Montreal is scheduled to appear at the VAAA’s Aerospace Supply Chain Summit on Jan. 23 at the Burlington International Airport.The collaboration is not limited to information and hand-shaking.Aero Montreal has been developing an accreditation program to vet industry suppliers. As a result of the MOU, Vermont businesses will be able to plug into the so-called Mach Initiative ‘ increasing the odds that they will be able to sell products to government contractors and original equipment manufacturers.Carrigan said the concept behind the MOU gelled at the 2013 Paris Air Show, the oldest and largest trade show for commercial and military suppliers. In a shared booth similar to the one arranged for the Aerospace Innovation Forum, six Vermont companies traveled to Paris with officials from the Vermont Chamber, ACCD and U.S. Small Business Administration.Carrigan said about $3.2 million in combined sales came out of the Paris exhibition.Of the six companies that attended Paris, four will be in Montreal: Liquid Measurement Systems, North Hartland Tool Corp., TeamITAR and Metal Flex Welded Bellows Inc. Five more will join the Vermont contingent in early December: Stephens Precision Inc.; MMIC; Superior Technical Ceramics; MSI Inc. and KALOW Technologies.The more than 250 companies in the Vermont Aerospace & Aviation Association are a $2 billion industry, Carrigan said. Their functions include precision machining; maintenance, repair and overhaul; and landing gear, fuel gauging, sensors, sensing systems and electronics.North of the border, one in 189 Québecers work in the aerospace industry at some 215 regional firms, according to Aero Montreal. In Connecticut, aerospace accounts for roughly 5 percent of the state’s economy, according to the Connecticut Economic Resource Center.Vermont’s proximity between the global hubs, plus historical and cultural ties, position the state as a natural gateway for the North American market, Carrigan said.last_img read more

Indian Springs Village receives $27M loan for renovations

first_imgMeridian Capital Group negotiated a $27 million loan for the acquisition and renovation of Indian Springs Village, a multifamily property located in Mesa, AZ on behalf of a San Diego-based multifamily developer.The three-year loan, provided by a debt fund, features a floating-rate, interest-only payments for the full-term and two one-year extension options. This transaction was negotiated by Meridian Managing Director, Seth Grossman, and Associates, Sarah Kuebler and Ryan Gandell, who are all based in the Company’s Carlsbad, CA office.Indian Springs Village, located at 1031 South Stewart Street, totals 460 units. Property amenities include a fitness center, basketball court, outside storage, volleyball court, tennis court, clubhouse, two spas, four swimming pools and laundry facilities.“The Mesa market has seen tremendous improvement in rental rates and occupancy over the last several years, driven by consistent employment growth and diversity among industries entering the market,” said Mr. Grossman. “Our clients have a strong presence in the Phoenix area and other comparable assets in Mesa. Their vision to reposition this asset with a proven business model and capital budget that was incorporated into the loan proceeds should quickly enhance the asset’s value and continue to improve the immediate submarket,” he added.last_img read more

Women tend to keep their distance from gay men described as sexually promiscuous, study finds

first_imgPinterest Share on Facebook New research suggests that sexual promiscuity negatively impacts social responses toward both gay and straight men. The study, published in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinities, found that women are more likely to seek to avoid gay men described as promiscuous compared to gay men who are not described as promiscuous.“Perceptions of masculinity, and stereotypes toward gay men, are multifaceted,” said study author Corey Cook, an assistant professor of psychology at Pacific Lutheran University.“I was interested in knowing what happens when some of these perceptions overlap; for example, does perceived sexual promiscuity (which is associated with traditional ideas of masculinity, but also used as a justification for antigay prejudice) affect perceptions of gay and straight men similarly? These kinds of comparisons can help us understand where these prejudices come from, and hopefully help us find ways to reduce them.” Share on Twitter Sharecenter_img Email LinkedIn In the study, 354 heterosexual undergraduate students were randomly assigned to report their social attitudes towards either gay men, straight men, gay men who are sexually promiscuous, straight men who are sexually promiscuous, gay men with very feminine qualities, straight men with very feminine qualities, gay men with very masculine qualities, or straight men with very masculine qualities.To assess their attitudes, the participants were asked how strongly they agreed or disagreed with statements such as “I would like for a member of this group to work in the same place as I do” and “Members of this group are the kind of people that I tend to avoid.”The researchers found that both female and male participants reported greater social distancing toward gay men than toward straight men. Women also reported greater social distancing toward sexually promiscuous gay men than gay men in general. Men, however, showed no difference in attitude between sexually promiscuous gay men and gay men in generalIn addition, Cook and his colleagues found that women reported greater social distancing toward sexually promiscuous straight men compared to all other groups.“One important implication of this research is that attitudes based on sexual behavior can be more nuanced than we often think. Research consistently finds that heterosexual women are generally more accepting of gay men than heterosexual men are. My findings suggest that this is not the case when gay men are explicitly labeled as sexually promiscuous,” Cook told PsyPost.“Additionally, heterosexual women and men respond negatively toward straight men labeled as sexually promiscuous. This is interesting because heterosexual men have traditionally used ‘sexual prowess’ as a way to boost their status; my research suggests that this tactic might not work as well as men think.”In a second experiment with 500 participants recruited via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, the researchers found evidence that women’s negativity toward sexually promiscuous gay men was related to concern for disease threats. But perceived disease threat only explained some of the relationship.“One major caveat to these findings is that our data do not fully explain why women responded so negatively toward targets labeled as sexually promiscuous. What is it about sexual promiscuity that elicited such negative reactions from women in our studies?” Cook said.“Also, what perpetuates this “masculine” norm among men if both men and women respond negatively to sexual promiscuity? I hope my findings are interesting enough to motivate other researchers to explore these questions in ways I haven’t yet thought of.”“I think the timing of this research is fortuitous. We are at a point culturally when people are beginning to ask very important questions about traditional ideas of gender, sex, and sexuality. Maybe findings such as these can help us think of ways to redefine masculinity and help us find healthier ways of perceiving sexuality,” Cook added.The study, “You Don’t Know Where He’s Been: Sexual Promiscuity Negatively Affects Responses Toward Both Gay and Straight Men“, was authored by Corey L. Cook and Catherine A. Cottrell.last_img read more

Building buys a pint: Eckersley O’Callaghan

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Antisipasi Gangguan Kabut Saat Musim Dingin, Ini Yang Disiapkan Perkeretaapian India!

first_imgSumber: Dalam upaya untuk menjaga On Time Performance (OTP) selama musim dingin yang hampir tiba, perkeretaapian India telah berencana untuk menggunakan perangkat keselamatan tambahan untuk mengantisipasi turunnya kabut yang akan mengganggu pengoperasian dari kereta di sana. Perangkat keselamatan ini menganut sistem GPS yang dapat digunakan dalam kondisi berkabut, yang akan berguna untuk memberikan tanda kepada masinis ketika mendekati mendekati sinyal atau rambu.Baca Juga: Setarakan Kaum Minoritas, Formulir Tiket Kereta di India Akan Tambah Kolom T Untuk TransgenderDilansir dari laman (13/11/2017), seorang pejabat kereta api mengutarakan rencananya untuk menggunakan perangkat berbasis GPS ini bertujuan untuk memberikan peringatan dini kepada masinis. Ia juga melanjutkan bahwa perkeretaapian India telah menyediakan sekitar 2.400 perangkat yang rencananya akan dipasang di India sebelah Utara. Daerah tersebut dinilai sebagai tempat yang paling parah jika kabut tebal musim dingin mulai turun. Lebih lanjut, pejabat kereta api ini mengatakan bahwa sekitar 900 perangkat berbasis GPS ini telah diedarkan ke zona Delhi. Selain itu, Perkeretaapian juga akan menyebarkan fogmen untuk menempatkan detonator di beberapa jalur. Ini bertujuan untuk memberi tahu masinis jika kereta yang mereka kendalikan tengah bergerak mendekati sinyal atau rambu. Jika masinis tidak bisa melihat sinyal atau rambu karena tertutup kabut, dikhawatirkan ini akan menimbulkan sebuah kecelakaan.Pejabat perkeretaapian India juga akan melakukan pemeriksaan pelat secara intensif dan mendeteksi isu yang beredar mengenai fraktur pada rel, karena ini merupakan penyebab utama kereta tergelincir selama musim dingin. Sistem auto signaling juga akan dikonversi menjadi semi otomatis dan pembatasan kecepatan akan diberlakukan selama situasi berkabut yang intens.Baca Juga: Atasi Lonjakan Penumpang Kereta di Musim Libur, India Siapkan Skema VikalpUntuk mengantisipasi sistem komunikasi yang terganggu, perkeretaapian India juga berencana untuk menyediakan walkie talkie bagi awak kereta dan petugas di stasiun. Selain itu, petugas stasiun juga akan melengkapi masinis dengan buklet indikasi sinyal dan melakukan penyuluhan dalam bekerja selama musim dingin.Beberapa masalah yang kerap kali muncul di perkeretaapian India selama musim dingin adalah kekurangan petugas di lapangan yang mengakibatkan mobilitas menjadi menurun, disorientasi pada jadwal, lonjakan penumpang yang menunggu di stasiun, hingga beberapa jalur yang tidak bisa dilewati akibat kapasitas petugas di lapangan yang tidak memadai.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Like this:Like Loading… RelatedCegah Kecelakaan di Perlintasan Sebidang, Indian Railways Adopsi Teknologi Satelit29/11/2017In “Darat”Tak Mau Kalah dengan Eropa, India Kini Hadirkan Kereta Cepat29/04/2018In “Darat”Untuk Pertama Kalinya Mumbaikars Merasakan Layanan Kereta Ekonomi AC27/12/2017In “Darat”last_img read more

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts and Welshly Arms to Perform During Sunday’s MLB All-Star Events at Progressive Field

first_img Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE. With the All-Star game at Progressive Field closing in, today Major League Baseball announced a couple events that will take place Sunday, July 7th at Progressive Field.The league announced that Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Joan Jett and The Blackhearts as well as Cleveland’s Own Welshly Arms will perform during the Sunday events. All-Star Sunday festivities begin with a battle of Cleveland vs. The World in this year’s MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball Game at 5:00 p.m. A full roster of names from movies, television, music and sports being announced shortly. Gates open to fans at 3:00 p.m. with the first 15,000 fans in the ballpark receiving a limited-edition MLB All-Star Game Collectible guitar pick.Prior to the Celebrity Softball Game’s first pitch, Cleveland’s own Welshly Arms takes the stage for a two-song set. Their 2017 single “Legendary” to date has earned platinum certification in Germany and Switzerland, cracked over 90 million Spotify streams, received 2 million Shazams and soared to the Top 15 of Alternative Radio. No Place Is Home [Republic Records] is the group’s 2018 full-length debut.For the second game of our All-Star Sunday doubleheader, Hall of Famer and five-time All-Star Jim Thome and four-time All-Star Dennis Martínez will serve as managers during the 2019 SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game. Now in its 21st year, the game features the top Minor League prospects and will feature an American League vs. National League format. Future All-Stars that have taken the field at the All-Star Futures Game before making Major League rosters include Mike Trout, Javier Báez, Christian Yelich, Bryce Harper, Aaron Judge and Francisco Lindor.Following the SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees Joan Jett & the Blackhearts will perform a special set that includes the iconic rock classic “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll.” As the leader of the hard-rocking Blackhearts, Jett had eight platinum and gold albums and nine Top 40 singles, including the classics “Bad Reputation,” “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll,” “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” and “Crimson and Clover.”To cap off All-Star Sunday, fans in attendance will experience the “All-Star Rock N’ Blast,” a special adaptation of the Indians award-winning annual fireworks and multimedia show. The immersive experience features nearly 20 minutes of music, fireworks and multimedia extending around the entire ballpark. Related TopicsJoan Jett and The BlackheartsMLB All Star GameWelshly Armscenter_img Matt Loedelast_img read more

Coronavirus pandemic: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson ‘working on’ 1-on-1 $9 million rematch

first_imgAlso Read: Coronavirus Pandemic: Tom Brady Relives Patriots’ Super Bowl LI Triumph On Instagram During COVID-19 LockdownCoronavirus pandemic: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning to team up with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson?The 5-time Major champion had previously said the Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson rematch could include other athletes, and rumours suggest that NFL legends Tom Brady and Peyton Manning could team up with the two golfers. While there is no development yet on that regard, it would be interesting to see how the re-match pans out amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson had competed in a made-for-TV event ‘The Match’ in Las Vegas in 2018. Mickelson defeated Woods on the fourth hole of sudden death to pocket the $9 million (£7 million) prize money. The duo also had two side bets worth $800,000 (£645,000) on the table, which were later donated to charity. ‘The Match’ was intended to be a pay-per-view special but was eventually streamed online for free due to technical difficulties. Also Read: Coronavirus pandemic: Manu Bhaker Donates Rs 1 Lakh For Fight Against COVID-19 COMMENT Last Updated: 30th March, 2020 17:54 IST Coronavirus Pandemic: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson ‘working On’ 1-on-1 $9 Million Rematch American golfer Phil Mickelson has suggested that a rematch of the Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson clash is in the works amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in all sporting action across the globe cancelled or postponed as a precautionary measure to fight the deadly virus. However, golf fans could have something to cheer about as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson could have an epic rematch amidst the coronavirus lockdown. Phil Mickelson confirmed the news saying that he is in talks with Tiger Woods over a one-on-one shootout. Also Read: Coronavirus pandemic: Mary Kom Donates 1 Month’s Salary Worth ₹100,000 To Prime Minister’s Relief Fund amidst COVID-19 crisisCoronavirus pandemic: Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson rematch on the cards?Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods could have a potential re-match amidst the coronavirus pandemic that has hit the USA. Mickelson added to the speculation after confirming online that the 49-year-old is in talks with Woods over a potential clash.  A Twitter user quizzed Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods whether they were planning on a rematch amidst the COVID-19 crisis to which the 5-time Major winner said that ‘they are working on it.” Another user followed with a tweet saying ‘please don’t tease’, to which Mickelson said that he was not teasing and was actually looking at a possibility of making it happen. Also Read: Coronavirus pandemic: Conor McGregor Trains Intensively In Coronavirus Lockdown; Watch Video Sreehari Menon LIVE TV WATCH US LIVE First Published: 30th March, 2020 17:54 IST FOLLOW US SUBSCRIBE TO US Written Bylast_img read more

Real Betis stun Barcelona despite a brace from Lionel Messi

first_imgAdvertisement cl3cNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs82x39Wingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E4298942( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) hsrWould you ever consider trying this?😱7geozCan your students do this? 🌚6csirsRoller skating! Powered by Firework Real Betis edged past Barcelona at Camp Nou on the 12th game week of La Liga on Sunday. This result will surely help the other teams like Atletico Madrid to catch Barcelona in the later stage of the League. Though, the Catalan Giants still remained at the top of the Table in the La Liga with 24 points in 12 matches. Real Betis moved up to the 12th position in the League Table with 16 points. Advertisement Junior Firpo gave the lead to Real Betis at the 20th minute of the match with the ball provided by William Carvalho. Joaquin doubled the lead at the 34th minute of the match. The first half ended with a scoreline of 2-0 in favour of Real Betis. Lionel Messi pulled one goal back at the 68th minute of the match for the Catalan Giants. However, Giovani Lo Celso again scored for Real Betis at the 71st minute of the match. Arturo Vidal came in as a substitute and scored one goal for Barcelona to make it 2-3 at the 79th minute of the match. Advertisement  Ivan Rakitic was shown the second yellow card of the match at the 81st minute of the match. Sergio Canales doubled the lead for Betis just two minutes after that. Lionel Messi’s goal in the injury time gave some hope to the fans of Barcelona; but they were not able to get the equaliser. Real Betis stunned the title holders at their own den. The Catalan Giants are now only one point ahead of Atletico Madrid in the League Table of La Liga. Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more