840barrel paintball gun shoots art in 18 of a second

first_imgPainting a large installment on a wall is usually a pretty time consuming task. However, one group of guys found a way to paint a monster of a picture in literally an eighth of a second. Created as a marketing stunt for the V Energy drink, a popular energy drink in New Zealand and Australia, the crew created a 3.1-ton paintball machine that fires 840 paintballs in the blink of an eye.This machine would certainly make street art a whole lot easier. Street artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey are known for their rogue art installments that are mostly on city property, which means their art-making is usually illegal. These artists work fast to create their trademark pieces in fear of being caught, but not as fast as the V Energy guys. We’re assuming they got permission to splatter the wall with paintballs since they’re backed by a major energy drink company.The video below shows the team running around in a Guy-Ritchie-Snatch-kind of way to perform the extreme art. Though the video is a little overdone – it’s a commercial after all – it shows the guys riding in a truck, reaching their destination, and opening the side of the truck to unveil a behemoth of a machine, which anyone passing would probably mistake for a weapon of mass destruction. The team presses a big green button, and wham, a picture of Humpty Dumpty is splattered on the wall.The campaign, called Starts with V, has an interactive website where users can submit their own street art designs using a virtual paintball machine. The best one each week wins a case of V Energy Drink. For those of you in New Zealand, the team of artists will be doing a live demo of the machine in a secret location that will be announced via their Facebook Events page.It should be noted that the V Energy team wasn’t the first to pull off such a stunt. The guys over at MythBusters, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, used a 1,100-barrel paintball cannon to create a version of the Mona Lisa in 80 milliseconds. Their result was also rather impressive.Watch the “trailer” below and the real deal below that. Both are worth a look. The Starts with V blog is also full of videos of the of the making of the massive paintball machine, so make sure to check that out too. via Laughingsquidlast_img read more