iFixIt tears down the new iPad 2 Smart Covers

first_imgThe guys over at iFixIt are the internet’s go-to source for day one teardowns of the hottest gadgets hitting stores shelves. As such, they’ve already performed their autopsy on Apple’s new iPad 2 and found within its aluminum enclosure hardware that basically consists of a credit card sized logic board attached to three huge battery packs and a touchscreen. What about Apple’s new Smart Covers meant to protect that touchscreen, though? It’s just a bunch of plastic and some magnets, right? Surely it doesn’t deserve its own teardown.Throwing caution to the wind, iFixIt decided to disassemble one anyway, and the resulting teardown is actually one of iFixIt’s most fascinating yet. iFixIt’s guide starts at looking at the magnets and sleep sensor inside the iPad 2 itself, which are spaced along the iPad 2’s right side to keep the Smart Cover closed. These magnets alternate between polarities: first plus, then minus, then plus, then minus again. And therein lies the first genius detail about the Smart Cover, because its magnets actually have polarities running the other way. They’re installed inside the back of the iPad 2, curved to the shape of the tablet’s edge, making sure that the Smart Cover will fit as snuggly as possible with your iPad 2.Altogether, what this all means is that it’s actually impossible to connect the Smart Cover upside-down: it just doesn’t fix on unless you’re doing it just right. Inside the cover, there’s an additional 14 magnets used to hold the cover shut and also help keep the case closed when it’s folded into a triangular stand. The coolest part about the iPad 2 Smart Cover might be this fun little detail about what happens when they are in close proximity to one another: thanks to the twenty one magnets installed inside each Smart Cover, they’ll actually gradually draw towards each other on a flat surface, even when they seem sufficiently far apart.Read more at iFixItlast_img read more