Study: Subliminal influence has more longevity than researchers originally thought

first_imgShare Pinterest Share on Twitter LinkedIn Emailcenter_img Share on Facebook In the current study, research conducted two experiments to determine if subliminal messaging could affect delayed decision making. In the first experiment, researchers tested whether subliminal presentations of face–occupation pairs would influence later conscious decisions about the income of the same faces. This was assessed over delays of 15 and 25 minutes. Participants were then presented with a face and had to determine if it was high or low income. In the second experiment, researchers assessed if “new vocabulary of a foreign language is acquired subliminally affecting later lexical semantic decisions on the same foreign words” with a delay of 20 minutes. Participants then had to decide if the words on the screen were a correct or incorrect translation. Both experiments were conducted with an encoding phase (face-occupation or translated words), delay period, and then decision making (high or low income and correct or incorrect translation). The decision task given in the test phase constituted an indirect (implicit) memory test. Participants were not given any information about the nature of the study, mainly so that there would be a clear assessment of subliminal messages without the influence of consciously processing any subliminal messages.The study found that the influence of subliminal messaging appears to last longer than previously thought. In both experiments, subliminal influence extended into the delay periods. For the first experiment, subliminal messaging affected participant answers to the income of a previously seen face for both delays (15 and 20 minutes). For the second experiment, subliminal presentation influenced participants decisions about correct and incorrect translations after 20 minutes. This study demonstrated that exposure to new subliminal information is enough to influence delayed decision making, for at least as long as 25 minutes. Further research should examine the practicality of subliminal messaging, especially outside of advertising, which is well known and documented. Subliminal messaging could influence decision making up to 25 minutes after the message is presented, a study in Neuroscience of Consciousness has found.Subliminal messages have distinct impacts on people’s thoughts and behavior. Subliminal messages can change a person’s current mood, boost their motivation, and can even alter their political attitudes. It is well known that subliminal information could influence people’s decision making, like who they vote for. However, for this influence to be used in a real life situation, these messages must be stored for long-term use after a few exposures. The classic example of this is a person watching an advertisement a few times on TV, and then going to the store to buy that brand. Messages must also be stored even if they contain “complex relational information that requires semantic integration, such as ‘politician X will lower the taxes.’” These messages are only able to be integrated into a person’s decision making process because people can semantically integrate and store these pieces of information, which can then be retrieved for later use in decision making.Past studies have shown that subliminal stimulation was found to nonconsciously shape decision-making if the subliminal stimuli consisted of familiar items. For example, priming studies reported that subliminal primes provided the correct responses to related targets in a classification task. There were also noticeable biased responses in “free choice” tasks in which participants freely decided between response alternatives. These past studies have provided ample evidence that subliminal messages can be integrated unconsciously and can influence decisions and choices. However, whether subliminally presented information is stored in long-term memory to influence delayed decisions has not yet been fully researched. The current study aimed to test whether subliminal stimulus pairs would affect delayed decision making.last_img read more

Chinese gov’t provides equipment and training worth $2 million to Liberia’s…

first_imgLiberia’s police force is poised for a much-needed boost.The Chinese government has donated equipment and training worth two million dollars. This is a crucial time for Liberia’s police and military. They took over full control of the country’s security from the United Nations earlier this year.From Monrovia, Lennart Dodoo has more.last_img

Wildlife Refuge Lakes Ice Free, Unsafe for Travel

first_imgFacebookTwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Lakes in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge are almost entirely ice free after several weeks of warming weather. Law Enforcement Officer Rob Barto says outdoor enthusiasts should be very careful… Smaller lakes include Dolly Varden Lake, Rainbow Lake, and other areas in the canoe system. Barto said Watson Lake also has plenty of open water and is unsafe for travel. With the end of one season, another is beginning… Barto: “Most of the big lakes are open water now with no ice and all of the smaller lakes that still have ice would be unsafe to travel upon.”center_img Barto: “Course with the open water they can fish, all the lakes are still open for fishing. There’s lots of people out just walking around, looking at stuff. There’s some bird migrations through here and that sort of thing. The lake activities are pretty limited right now, just due to the unsafe ice conditions and the smaller lakes being closed.” Barto said there bigger lakes are also open for boating.last_img read more

GCF to host Female Championships this weekend

first_imgTHE Guyana Chess Federation will be hosting two tournaments this weekend. For the first time in our chess history, GCF has organized the Guyana’s Female National Chess Championships. The Guyana Chess Federation will be hosting its first ever Women’s National Chess Championship. The event is slated to kick off this Saturday at the Guyana National Resource Center (Opposite Passport Office & Guyana Technical Institute).This event will be played as a 6 round tournament with a time control of one hour sudden death with the top 5 finishers being eligible for the Guyana Female National Team to the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia from September 22 to October 1 – 1st Oct, 2018.As planned, this is the federation first step towards the development of Women in chess in Guyana. The federation will be aiming at increasing the total number of females who play chess in Guyana and providing them with the countless opportunities associated with the game.Tournament favorite will be Guyana’s first FIDE Master and highest rated female WFM Maria Thomas who is vastly experienced and has been ramping with the top 5 players of Guyana for the last 5 years. Also, participating is Guyana’s only female Candidate Master CM Sheriffa Ali, who was part of the female National Team at the last World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan. She will be battling FIDE Developmental Coach and local lawyer Yolander Persaud who was also part of the last female team in Baku. There will also be the more experience Shazeeda Rahim fighting for her place in the National Female Team.However, young rising stars such as 12 years old Chelsea Juma of St. Stanislaus College and 14 years old Sasha Shariff. Sasha had been playing chess competitively so far this year playing in the National Juniors Qualifiers and qualifying for the Guyana National Junior Chess Championships. Both Juma and Shariff just returned for the 7th Carifta Chess Championships where Guyana was represented for the first time in their chess history and are determined to make their mark among the big girls.Also, a keen eye must be kept for the Johnson’s sisters Nellisha and Waveney. Nellisha also participated in the National Juniors Qualifiers and qualifying for the Guyana National Junior Chess Championships and 7th Carifta Chess Championships and plays promising chess.Other players to watch are Cassandra Khan, Sharara Gill and hopefully the return of the Clementson sisters Jessica & Julia.While the women will be clashing, GCF will also host the Georgetown Chess Classics concurrently. This event will be organized for various regions across Guyana but begins in Georgetown. Top male players Anthony Dratyon, Taffin Khan, Loris Nathoo, Ronuel Greenidge are expected to participate as they prepare for the World Chess Olympiad in Batumi, Georgia. The Georgetown Chess Classics is set to bring some live actions on the chessboards since other players such as Davion Mars, Glenford Corlette, Chino Chung, Roberto Neto, Saeed Ali and Veteran Errol Tiwari will be looking to defeat the players of the elected national team.Visitors and viewers are welcome. Registration fee is GYD $1000 and interested persons can contact Tournament Director Mr. Irshad Mohammed at 664-1650 or Tournament Assistant Anthony Drayton at 613 – 2083.Rounds will begin at 10 am on both days and all games will be played in accordance to FIDE (World Chess Federation) rules and regulations.last_img read more