What business profits are not Yahuo

for the operation of real business people, one of the biggest problems is that easy to form Yahuo, once generated Yahuo phenomenon, it will cause the accumulation of capital, the business development will be very bad. In short, the general business people or ready to do business, in the course of the sale are faced with this problem, what profit is not selling goods?

for entrepreneurs, after all, they hope to be able to sell their goods as soon as possible after the sale, I would like to buy their own immediately sold. But the reality is cruel, often a lot of business will be more or less some of the backlog of goods. So, what business profit is not big pressure? The following Xiaobian cited 8 projects, so that you get rid of the shackles of pressure. read more

No cost of venture clown love give you advice

with the continuous enrichment of people’s lives, a variety of needs, a variety of needs emerge in an endless stream, the face of this huge pattern of a society full of love clown with its unique creativity, easy to seize the market!

"want to give your girlfriend arranged surprise? Find me!" The day before yesterday at noon, the sun Shenyang qingniwa commercial street, wearing a multicolored hair, face painted with colored powder, Wang Qiang held such a piece of red plastic card to take the business. He said he was specially dressed as a love clown look, is to help people chasing his girlfriend to attract customers to make money. read more

mplementation of rural youth entrepreneurship in Anhui province leading goose training program

is now all over the country are actively trying to promote entrepreneurship, at the same time, governments have also introduced a lot of measures to assist and promote people’s entrepreneurial activities, especially for some rural entrepreneurs.

of rural youth entrepreneurship, there is no perfect platform support, it is a good idea is not to fall. Recently, the Anhui Provincial Communist Youth League Joint Committee Organization Department, the provincial Agriculture Commission in the province to start the implementation of the rural youth entrepreneurship rich "leader" training plan, through the platform of entrepreneurship training, financial services, twinning, exchange of learning, common development, publicity 6 training platform, full support for rural youth hit off "do poineering work become rich. read more

Tsinghua University Graduate School of entrepreneurship will allow

students should suspend business, is a long-standing controversial social issues. Some people think that college students’ job is to learn, to learn from the start, is to put the cart before the horse. It is also believed that the practical experience of college students to better learn to promote knowledge, practice is the ability to test the standard.

The day before the meeting of

read more

Small business can also achieve wonderful life

now you do not work, you want to start your own business, the small business can also be a wonderful life, such a way can be tried! Small business, but also through the mainland of Rome! In general, entrepreneurship requires a certain amount of start-up capital and place, so many entrepreneurs who are often the first to be intimidated by these conditions. But in fact, as long as can choose entrepreneurial projects, a good grasp of business methods, with entrepreneurs should have the mentality, not greedy big ocean, can still succeed business with a small capital. For example, 50 thousand yuan want to be a successful entrepreneur, we must first find out what industry investment is less than 50 thousand yuan, to the industry characteristics, the conditions and the conditions of their own have a thorough understanding of this business in order to have a relatively high success rate. There are four types of entrepreneurs to choose from. read more

What are the procedures for opening a branch

generally, the business bigger, many people want to open stores. So, how do you want to open a branch? What are the procedures for opening a branch? The following is a question and answer, if you are preparing to expand their careers, may wish to follow the small series together to see!


how to open a branch? Open branches in the industry and Commerce on the one hand to do what procedures? How is the tax? Do you pay a fixed tax or do you have a separate account? Do the business license to the competent authority for the headquarters? What about paying taxes? Separate accounts, separately or together, together with the declaration to declare accounts? Is the headquarters of the competent tax authorities to declare? read more

How to do discount promotions pricing strategy

to open restaurants, in order to attract more customers into the store consumption, usually with the changing seasons, anniversary, trade fairs and other implementation of discounts. So what will be done in the promotion of discount promotions do?

1, one-time discount

this means that in a certain period of time for all of the chain of a certain proportion of goods, is a short-term promotional pricing. For example, holidays are generally consumer shopping climax, seize the opportunity to plan to launch a one-time discount pricing, can achieve a good promotional effect. The advantages of a one-time discount pricing is to promote popularity, immediate results; consumer impulse buying, can significantly enhance the performance of a large number of consumer purchasing, the formation of a threat to competitors. The disadvantage is that after the discount chain stores need to go through a period of low sales in order to restore, so only short-term performance improvement. This approach is not a radical effect on the company is declining, can not improve customer loyalty. read more