Fish fish fire which has several cooperation way

catering industry product features complex and diverse forms. With grilled fish with spicy hot pot to give consumers a different experience so impressive, fish fish booming is such a special form of fish stores its delicious taste, spicy but not dry, healthy and nutritious fish and incense pot has always been another wave of guests must. The fish fish fire has been in the country has a number of stores, stores are hot, if you want to join this brand of fish, as soon as possible to obtain detailed information message to join


fish fish booming cooperation mode which has several


, a cooperative store

1. headquarters gravity Escort: we are more focused on the success of the blank market professional home than you, the headquarters will be gravity escort your success. Because in the blank market to establish a model, the headquarters will increase investment costs, it is certain that the future price will be more than two times now.

2.: the regional headquarters location priority rights protection policy strictly, any regional gaps in the market preferred location, other shops need in the 1.5 kilometers outside the site, with effective advantage in location period, you can choose the flow position management fish booming, wealth all alone.

3. headquarters support: headquarters to give rebate gaps in the market to establish the headquarters of the professional rebate policy, investment costs you deliver, headquarters will be in later material order for your continued rebate, the equivalent of the headquarters to your investment in the shop, a rare opportunity.

4. based policy: after the actual operating conditions before the period of professional operators, headquarters has a strong confidence on the fish fire project headquarters commitment, such as blank market professional support failed by the headquarters, headquarters will provide top project any price headquarters under a free of charge, to ensure that every operator until success.

two, agent

1. agents have the right to take the lead in the development of the agency or direct shop

2. agents have the right to operate, manage and expand their rights in the agency area

3. headquarters for the agent to provide the system of cooking technology training, operations management, marketing training, training in the form of centralized training by the headquarters, experiential training, such as

4. headquarters to all regional agents to operate independently, independent management of the noble support, the real interests of the monopoly authorized to the agent

proxy advantage


1. agent has the right to take the lead in developing a direct shop or license within the agency

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