Fruit shop owner should know the consumer psychology

summer, the major fruit shop business has been booming, this is an open day for the fruit shop entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurs want to run a good fruit shop, not only to look at, but also look at people, that is, to understand the consumer’s purchasing psychology.

1, price advantage, variety rich

fruit supermarket on the street stalls, the traditional fruit shop will have a significant impact on the goods, fruit supermarket on the purchase price channel advantage than the general roadside stalls, fruit shop, supermarket and kinds of fruits are more abundant, generally up to dozens or even hundreds of good.

2, buy feel better

3, enough grades, grade

4, convenient, fast service

just grab the purchase of consumer psychology, fruit shop entrepreneurs enrichment road will be much simpler. Not only do fruit shop so, do other business is still the case, entrepreneurs can not be buried in business, and to seriously look at what consumers need.

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