Electricity supplier tax on the chop hand party has an impact

"Tmall owner being interviewed Bushui" the news hot on the Internet, many sellers are panicked, it means that the tax revenue to reduce the profit? Not only sellers panic, those who chop hand party is also worried, fear the price will rise after tax. Electricity supplier tax on chop hand party have influence? Let’s get together.

if less than 10% of the profits tax, many companies will lose money. Electronic business platform how to pay, how much money to pay, in the end what is the scope of the tax exemption, which also requires the tax department to finalize the existing situation. Prior to this, a large electricity supplier platform commodity prices may indeed be affected, rising.

buyers will not be the false crown and diamond cheating. The same is true of the electricity supplier tax and property tax, in the process of China’s economic structure shift from production to production, consumption and heavy economy, the consumption tax will be more stringent. Now there is only one problem, boots when landing.

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