Cha Bodo Gun Cha fashion

with the development level of modern life, many people are beginning to pay attention to health tea, tea Boduogong tea taste mellow, fascinating, and now many entrepreneurs have started to aim at the Boduogong tea tea business opportunities to join, now seeing a good venture to help businesses better wealth.


] Boduogong tea tea what

The developers of the

Cha Bodo Gun Cha headquarters long-term in-depth consumer understanding of the latest trends and market demand, combined with brewing technology and advanced innovative technology, to create a series of tribute tea products, meet the needs of different consumer groups, market share continues to rise.


] Boduogong tea tea franchise

1, identification with company business philosophy and dealer management model, love the food and beverage industry, is willing to engage in the operation and management of the industry

2, to comply with the company’s management and work instructions to provide store operations feedback

3, according to the company in accordance with the requirements of the local

4, the store has an independent advertising position

5, power requirements of 220 volt two-phase power, 20A or above

6, upper and lower requirements of 6 in charge of the inlet pipe drainage requirements of independent drainage, with water, sewer pipes

7, store location requirements in the municipal business district, regional business district, business circle, college circle

8, for the site, the company has a professional staff and mature site guidance tools; accounting must demerit to determine whether the headquarters set up shop.


] Boduogong tea tea procedure

1, understanding consulting

investors understand the detailed information on the Internet to join the Boduogong tea tea, or direct dial telephone consultation to join the headquarters.

2, market research

evaluate the local market, determine the target market, determine their own business.

3, qualification assessment

submit the intention to consult, apply to join, after receiving the headquarters of the cooperation qualification assessment.

4, signed a contract to join

above work >

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