Different attitudes to customers for different results

as a shopkeeper, how should we treat customers? I am afraid that any one of the shopkeepers are thinking and care about the problem. Now many shopkeepers only benefit is heavy, everything is thinking about profit, if you can not trade, often do not provide help to customers. In fact, as a shopkeeper, the more so, often the worse the business. Next, let Xiaobian introduced two different attitudes towards the customer’s case, let us look at the results of different.

once, there is a child to school to the female customers want to buy things in my fellow small Zhangdian, but because of the high price of goods do not buy. Later, when the child wants to change, the female customer will take a hundred dollar bills please Xiao zhang. Zhang thought: and you have not made my business, what will give you money? So he said, "no change!" The female customer was angry and said, "no, I didn’t buy your house." No change? Good! I will never come here to buy anything!" He angrily walked with childish.

that day, a man was shopping at a store near my store. Just as he was carrying the goods to my store door, unfortunately, the convenience of the bag broke down, the thing spread a ground. When I saw it, I took a shopping bag and went out to help him pick it up one by one. The customer was so moved that he would give me a cigarette. I said not to smoke, but the customer is stubborn in the pocket to touch, and ultimately did not find the smoke, they embarrassed to say: "Oh, no smoke. Just buy one in your store!" Later, he bought a $220 cigarette in my store, and later he became my regular customer.

if you are a shopkeeper, see such two cases, how would you think? With such a clear contrast, how will you treat your customers? In short, how to deal with customers, this contrast, we should be very clear, right? Therefore, whether or not customers will form a transaction, we need to have a service attitude, so that customers will be recognized.

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