2012 new ideas to make money

2012 is a new year, in the new year, there must be a lot of new things, we can create in this or what kind of entrepreneurial opportunities? It is necessary to take a look at how everyone is to find out, the following is a small series of new ideas.

A, leisure food, snack bar. The lack of adequate food and beverage service city more lively business district and new residential intensive areas, such as agriculture and forestry road – Huaqiang North Business District, baidanzhou Qiaoxiang Road residential area, residential area, South Bay residential areas are so. This industry has the advantages of low profit, fast recovery, the average investment cost of 20 thousand -10 million, the average net profit of 25%-35%, the general investment recoverable within one year. The duck neck and other specialty snack bar also has a wide range of tourists.

two, infant supplies industry and early childhood education. The city is being ushered in the baby boom, the city’s young age structure makes the number of the next ten years the city’s newborn will maintain a high level, the industry has great potential, in the premise of high quality and harmless, parents are willing to spend more to buy goods.

three, the automotive service market. Car beauty and maintenance, audio, DIY decoration and modification after the car market has great potential, the city is currently registered car beauty maintenance factory store only more than 2 thousand, the number of stores audio, decoration is very few, at the same time the location of customers for the regional market segmentation, will greatly improve the success rate.

four, for the family to provide door-to-door monthly food. In the light of the characteristics of the old people and the busy work in the urban families, the food materials or semi-finished products with stable quality are provided.

six, small beauty shop. Many young people in the city, fashion atmosphere thick, this industry is characterized by less capital to start to win service.

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