Bank of Ningbo, but less support for the bank to pay the cloud flash fingerprint payment

is increasingly fierce competition for banks. Major banks have launched online banking and mobile banking. So, what are the advantages of the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking? What are the drawbacks?

Bank of Ningbo mobile banking in the past year, there has been some improvement, especially in innovation, the introduction of the Apple Pay, and support cloud flash payment and fingerprint payment function. However, the Bank of Ningbo’s mobile banking types of financial risk is not enough, only the bank financial products and funds, recently welcomed by the user’s online application for credit cards, online loan applications are not yet developed. This time, the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking comprehensive evaluation score of 84.8, compared to last year, the total score has improved, in the evaluation of the inclusion of the top 19 mobile banking center.

a, function (21.25 points /35 points): less kinds of financial management, online loans and credit card

Bank of Ningbo mobile banking scored lower on functionality. First, the type of financing is still relatively small, compared to last year, there is no great improvement, only bank financing and funds, and included in the evaluation of the 19 banks, the 12 can be traded, the sale of bonds can be 7.

second, on the transfer function, the new mobile phone number transfer, but only part of the customer, the Bank of Ningbo said, this is the Bank of Ningbo’s business development strategy, is currently only for the white list of customers, the future will gradually open to all users.

In addition, the Bank of Ningbo bank

, mobile phone does not support the online application, online credit card loans, credit card transactions, but can query the bill information in the mobile phone bank, and palm loans only supports users to query information and loan repayment information.

in the payment of life service, the Bank of Ningbo bank mobile phone coverage has been expanded, compared to last year, only Ningbo, Shanghai two city support, increase Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, part of the payment in this year, is gradually covering the Yangtze River Delta region.

comprehensive view, the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking functionality needs to be gradually improved and improved, especially in the type of financial management; feature service reservation function, but also the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking needs to be improved.

two, experience (34 points /40 points): does not support online customer service

Bank of Ningbo mobile banking scored higher on experience, which is related to the bank’s development strategy. As a local bank, Bank of Ningbo pay more attention to the quality of mobile banking customers. The disadvantage is the lack of fuzzy search function, and does not support online customer service.

currently, the Bank of Ningbo mobile banking support three recommended

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