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for a variety of electronic products, even if the memory is not large enough to withstand the passage of time for memory consumption, so many people will buy mobile hard disk. Mobile hard disk (Mobile Hard disk) as its name implies is a hard disk for storage media, the exchange of large capacity data between computers, emphasizing the portability of storage products. So, mobile hard disk which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone to reveal the ten major mobile hard disk brand list.

mobile hard disk ten brands list NO.01, Seagate:

Seagate was founded in 1979, is the world leader in hard disk and storage solutions. Seagate has more than 50000 employees worldwide. From the US on social ing sites with friends and relatives to share videos, music and documents to the enterprise data center and cloud computing server, and then to the individual daily use of desktop and laptop computer, Seagate products to help more people to share their digital storage, and protection of precious wealth.

Seagate provides the industry’s most widely used hard disk, solid state drives and solid-state hybrid hard drive products. In addition, the company provides a large number of retail storage products for consumers and small business users, but also provides data recovery services for all brands of hard drives and digital media types.

mobile hard disk ten brands list NO.02, western data:

WD company (Western Digital Corp) is the world’s leading hard drive manufacturer, founded in 1970, is headquartered in California, with branches or offices around the world, providing memory products for the global users on five continents.

mobile hard disk ten brands list NO.03, Samsung:

Samsung Group is Korea’s largest enterprise, but also a large multinational enterprise group, Sumitomo Mitsui (Mitsui consortium) subsidiary. Samsung group includes numerous international affiliated enterprises, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, Samsung, Samsung, aviation, Samsung Life Insurance, business involves many fields of electronics, finance, mechanical, chemical etc..

mobile hard disk ten brands list NO.04, Toshiba:

Toshiba was founded in July 1875, formerly known as Tokyo Pu Electric Co., Ltd., in Tokyo in 1939 with the production of electrical appliances and the official merger of Toshiba today, the new name is the beginning of the two companies. And its English name is also in accordance with the Japanese Pinyin merger; To on behalf of the Japanese pronunciation of the East, Shiba on behalf of the pronunciation of zhi.

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