China’s ten big buns brand ranking

buns as a common delicacy Chinese, in the food and beverage market has always been very popular among consumers, many see the steamed stuffed bun market hot, want to run a whole of baozi Inn, here to introduce you to our buns ten brands list, so that consumers can earn more wealth, so that franchisees can to win greater market.

"Goubuli" was founded in 1858. Xianfeng, Hebei Wuqing County Yang Village (now Tianjin city Wuqing District) a young man named Gao Guiyou, because of his father forty son, for the sake of peace is adopted, a nickname "dog", expect him to be as good as the dog to feed (according to the custom, this one of honest love of affection).

baked buns (Uighur called "Samut Sa") and Oriental buns (called "Pytel Manchester Uighur spit") is one of the favorite food of the Uighur compatriots. Urban and rural bazaar restaurant, many food stalls selling this kind of food. Baked buns are mainly in roasted Nang pit. Peel with unleavened dough rolling thin edges folded into square. Steamed stuffed bun with mutton Ding, sheep tail oil Ding, onions, cumin powder, salt and pepper and other raw materials, add a small amount of water, mix well. The wrapped steamed stuffed bun attached to the pit Nang, 10 minutes can be grilled, color Huang Liang, entrance crisp tender, delicious fragrant oil.

Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork is one of the snacks Guangdong representative, is the four kings Cantonese breakfast "(dumplings, steamed dumplings, Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork, Egg Tart)" (one of the same reputation and steamed dumplings, shrimp dumplings, Egg Tart). With Diced Pork, add oyster sauce and other seasonings as fillings, outside with flour wrapped steamed in a steamer. General Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork about the size of a diameter of five centimeters, a cage is usually three or four. Good Baozi Stuffed with BBQ Pork using FeiShou moderate barbecued pork stuffing, wrapping steamed soft and slippery just slightly cracked, with pork stuffing, bursts of fragrance of pork infiltration.

A sweet bun


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