Quality service is the key to business will be long – the whole

hard to carry out the premise of the investment, even in the short term to get a profit, but did not operate long time to end in failure, such a business I’m afraid not many people are willing to do. In fact, now more and more people to do business, but every business people, hope that their business is booming, hope to do a long shop, I think: quality service is the key, only to provide quality services, to be able to make your shop to do bigger and stronger, further, because the pay and return is always proportional to.


, a I feel a service of the restaurant, I often and friends went to a restaurant to eat only ten years, so I often go there, completely after their service, can give a person a kind of feeling of hospitality Guests feel at home., needless to say, remember once, one of my friends from work, depressed mood, drunk in the occasion of leaving was crazy to launch wine, threw a bottle and two dishes, was dining customers all in our view, the scene is very awkward.

embarrassing things, I thought if the owner of the restaurant surly, immediately call the security she goes crazy, if it is very difficult to feel out of the door of the restaurant, did not expect less than a minute, the restaurant manager came to our table, the first is a deep bow, then apologize.

also helped my friend said: "I’m sorry, can not let you eat happy here in the US, we feel very sorry, so this dining we will give you a twenty percent off discount, and sincerely welcome you to visit again to criticize, bring to your trouble I hope you will be able to forgive!" That’s what keeps us on the bus. It is natural for us to appreciate the generosity and tolerance of the restaurant manager. After that, we went to the restaurant to have a meal, and slowly got acquainted!


, the manager of the restaurant grumpy, just look at the eyes, and then we strike violently, it is not difficult to imagine, that is a what kind of situation? I think: they can not have a restaurant back, it can not be so good, so long.

if the owner at that time or call the security to strike violently, processing, although it is wrong, but it is impossible to become the store back. So, from the above, it is not difficult to see, only the high quality service, is the source of Everfount. Hope to be able to give you business friends, in the service concept and marketing strategy has practical help.

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