What about the current development situation of Jiangsu net loan platform

in life though all wages did not rise much, but ahead of the consumer in the promotion of the era, many people began to use the form of loans, let yourself enjoy life, so in the market lending platform is very hot! December 28th, Suning Financial Research Institute released in Jiangsu net loan industry development report shows that in 2016 1-11 months, Jiangsu net loan industry trading volume steadily increased to 52 billion 800 million yuan, the number of platform fell to 105.

although in the Internet economy prompted, net loan has become a social development situation, but want to firmly based on the market still need to rely on strong strength. Jiangsu net loan industry platform steady rise in the number of up to 146 in December 2015, the number of platforms to slow down. The report is expected, with the net loan new regulations landing, net loan industry chaos will disappear in 2017. Jiangsu net loan industry in 2016 the annual transaction size of about 59 billion yuan, an increase of 118%; in 2017 the overall transaction volume of nearly $120 billion, the growth rate will be less than 100%.

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