No flower of Korean cuisine – Web site requirements

for a lot of investment in the industry, the need for investors to do a good job with their own to complete a large number of joining the project can have a good investment prospects, such as the Korean food brand. No flower also called hibiscus, is South Korea’s national flower, known as hibiscus, meaning "bloom forever, never fade". According to historical records, endless flowers from ancient and South Koreans have no flowers very indissoluble bound, the extremely strong vitality, because of this, no flowers represent Korean people’s development and prosperity, a symbol of the Korean people’s hard-working and tough.

Wuji Korean cuisine joined

spends the Korean Sambo: pickled cabbage, miso and soy. South Korea contains natural for this, South Korea’s continuation of the sauce and pickled cabbage thousands of years of history, is referred to as the Asian pickled cabbage Kingdom, most Koreans in rice, pickled cabbage did not find hard to swallow. The Korean people in inheriting the essence of national culture at the same time, China fusion of the culture of the Tang Dynasty, and the trade prosperity, with the introduction of pepper, the Korean people will use it in pickled food, pickled cabbage for the launch of the spice and change the styles, also Korean cuisine spicy taste, dishes are red features. Nutrition and health of Korea ginseng, fresh chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, stewed, steamed, grilled, hear these words have single feel very healthy and nutritious materials with practice.

spends the Korean cuisine since listing, by the majority of consumers love and praise, as many gourmet collection station, not only can taste the delicacy here, elegant environment to make people relax. No flower of Korean cuisine has rich cultural heritage of ancient Rome 3000 years of Italy pizza, compared with only one hundred years of history of the Western hamburger and fried chicken, is a strong opponent, it takes "health, fashion" as a concept, to urban white-collar workers, business people, family lovers as the main target customers, lively style are due to particular materials, authentic taste, a good response in the audience.

endless flower Korean restaurant location requirements:

town business district, industrial zone, super urban area, pedestrian street, college circle, station, airport, etc., South Korea to join the Korean food store area requirements:

1, no flower Korean food use area of 10 square meters.

2, no flower Korean food stores to join the front window width of not less than 2 meters.

3, open the door of the store door width of not less than 1.6 meters.

4, outer space facade width shall not be less than 2.5 meters.

5, billboards should be within 1 meters height.

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