Huangzhong will open the city’s rural tourism curtain

sponsored by the Municipal Tourism Bureau, Huangzhong County, Xining city in 2013 to start the opening ceremony of the rural tourism and the second taste of · rural tourism food contest will be kicked off in May 14th. The event to taste Huangzhong · rural tourism as the theme, will provide the majority of visitors with a taste of rural life, taste the opportunity to taste Qinghai cuisine.

it is understood that the activities of the main venue will be located in the Ecological Park million energy DOPA Town, the venue is located in the Qinghai plateau MOET distilled Television Cultural Village, stream of farm fields. When all the rural tourism sites in delicacy contest, make the scene with the characteristics of specialty, by city Cuisine Association, 5 experts from the color, taste, nutrition, raw and cooked, health, and other aspects of one by one comment, finally through the comprehensive evaluation, selection of gold, silver and bronze and 5 in Qinghai snack reward. At the same time invited Huangzhong county 10 rural tourism reception point to participate in the scene of the most popular Huangzhong County Rural food selection activities, the name of the most popular farmhouse dishes, as a sign of the rural tourism reception points. At the same time, the activities of the scene can also enjoy the traditional folk art of Huangzhong County, flowers and other folk art. (reporter Ge Wenrong)


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