During the college entrance examination will be implemented noise control

with the entrance approaching, more and more parents began to pay attention to noise pollution. In May 18th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to prevent and reduce noise pollution during the examination of all the candidates to provide a quiet life and learning oriented environment, our city from now until June 19th, the implementation of specific regional noise limit control, units and individuals in violation of the provisions of the will by the environmental protection departments and public security departments according to the the relevant laws and regulations seriously.

It is reported that

, during June 7th to June 8th, June 17th to June 19th during the college entrance examination for senior high school entrance examination period of residential areas and strict control of noise, test centers around the building site shall carry out all day long concrete pouring, earthwork excavation construction work transporting, building demolition and other produce strong noise, other unit production and business activities shall not have exceeded the environmental noise limit standard, not influence of candidates to normal learning and test environment. May 19th to between the 19 dates in addition to the above five days, the rest of the time for the high (medium) test noise key regulatory period. The residential area and test sites around the construction site at noon (12 to 14) and night (22 PM to 6 am the next day), not for concrete pouring, excavation transporting, building demolition work, other units of production and business activities shall not have exceeded the environmental noise limit standards, shall not affect the candidates to normal learning and living environment.

restriction period, the city’s environmental protection department will set up a dedicated hotlines: 12369, 6311110, the implementation of day and night on duty, the public can report violations of units and individuals.


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