Our province efforts to optimize the environment to stimulate private investment potential and innov

the establishment of private investment subject status, the relaxation of private investment, to further promote the "management services", strengthen the level of government services, standardize the intermediary services, reducing the burden on enterprises, strengthen supervision and inspection of the investment environment, since this year, to take seven measures of our province and strive to optimize the investment environment for development, stimulate private investment potential and creativity for steady growth, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood to provide a powerful driving force.

in the establishment of private investment in the main position, in addition to government investment to play a leading role in the field, in other areas, especially in the field of general competition to establish the main position of private investment. At the same time, we should establish the main position of private investment in the development of innovation economy, so that private enterprises will become the main body of the development of innovative economy. Adhere to the "non quasi ban that, equal treatment principle, relaxed private sector investment, investment threshold standard setting transparency, the establishment of a negative list of market access system, further liberalization of access areas of civil airports, telecom operators, oil and gas exploration, and resolutely remove various dominant or recessive barriers in the people’s livelihood infrastructure and utilities key areas and medical, pension, education, private enterprises and state-owned enterprises to ensure fair competition.

at present, the province’s 55 administrative service centers have all listed operations, provincial, municipal and county level administrative service center system basically completed three. To further promote the "tube service" around the lower threshold, access to private capital to stimulate private investment in energy, further clean up local regulations and normative documents, streamline approval, efforts to solve the long handle, cross link, mutually front problems, timely get rid of all levels, the right of the market as soon as possible to the market place. Further streamlining the pre conditions of enterprise investment project audit, solve the long approval and other outstanding issues.

in addition, to further standardize the intermediary services, a comprehensive clean-up and standardize the provincial government administrative examination and approval service matters, canceled 66, the integration of standard 95, the establishment of intermediary service institutions unified code, credit records and "blacklist" system. Reduce the burden on enterprises, since 2014, the cancellation, stop and exempt from administrative fees and government funds 83, the provincial administrative fees shall be all zero. Continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection of the investment environment, the combination of administrative style construction supervision and inspection of the procuratorial organs at all levels, organized every year to carry out the two folk investment environment supervision and inspection efforts to solve the private enterprise reaction organs, organizations and individual service consciousness is not strong, not as a problem, and create a clean and efficient, fair and orderly environment for development.


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