Glamour in sports should be limited: Narsingh Yadav

first_imgBy Bapu Narayankar Bengaluru, Nov 22 (PTI) Emerging Indian wrestling star Narsingh Yadav today said glamour is needed to popularise a sport, but it should not go overboard to disturb the game. “A bit of glamour is necessary, but should be limited, should not go overboard which will disturb the game,” Yadav told PTI in an exclusive interview here. With celebrities and actors owning teams in various sports including cricket, hockey, football and kabaddi, and also cheer girls used to attract fans, Yadav believes stars do add value to build a fan base. “A bit of glamour is necessary because people do not accept clean and pure stuff. Moreover, the present generation of young people like to watch celebrities and actors associated with a product or a cause,” he said. Like Abhishek Bachchan and many other actors, Dharmendra co-owns Punjab franchise of Pro Wrestling League. Actress Sonakshi Sinha also is expected to be a part of the Uttar Pradesh franchise. Several other Bollywood personalities are tipped to be a part of the franchise and team mascot. Though Yadav opines that cheer girls should be kept away from a sport like wrestling. “There is a no need for cheer girls to attract fans coming to the venue to watch wrestling. Wrestling in itself has the potential to attract and create excitement among fans,” he said. Sushil Kumar donated all of his auction amount to charity and Yadav is keen to follow the example, but right now he is focussed on Rio Olympics and needs enough money to train for the mega event. “It was his (Sushil Kumar) gesture which is good, but for me, right now I am focused on Rio Olympics, and I need money to to prepare for the mega event,” he said. “In coming days, if I have enough money I will do it. Anyway I am already doing a bit in this regard in my small capacity,” he added. Yadav also opines that Yogeshwar Dutt and Sushil have contributed immensely to the popularity of wrestling after their medal-winning performances in Olympic and other international events. “Yogeshwar Dutt and Sushil Kumar are very good human beings and professional wrestlers. They have immensely contributed in increasing the popularity of the sport. Their achievements have given a new lease of life to Indian wrestling,” he said. More PTI BDN FK FKadvertisementlast_img

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