The Best Event I Ever Had

first_imgMy best event ever was not even my event at all. I know that does not make sense, but please allow me this brief explanation. After over 17 years of planning, I was just recovering from a huge fundraising event. My client (an A-list celebrity who will remain anonymous), had just sent a lovely note of gratitude and jetted off to Cannes for the Film Festival. I was relieved that I would have some peace and was looking forward to sleeping in.Photo source: Big Stock PhotoI got into the office around 10:00 a.m. the next day, cup of coffee in hand, looking forward to cleaning up, catching up and brushing up. As I adjusted my keyboard the phone rang. “Should I let it go to voicemail?” I thought. Guilt took over quickly and I picked up the phone. “Darling!” the familiar voice rang out (sounding somewhat influenced by spirits). My heart sank. No rest for the weary. She continued on, “I am in Cannes and it is fantastic!” Her voice suddenly dropped to a whisper, “… but darling these planners are just a mess. Can you help me?”Against my better judgment, I heard myself say “of course, what do you need?” “Do you remember the fabulous website you put together for our event in New York?” she continued on excitedly without taking a breath, “I need the same website for our event here so we can collect money. Can you do that?” “Of course,” I said hesitantly, “when is the event?” I picked up my coffee to take a sip; might as well try to enjoy some of it while it was still hot. “Oh darling. It’s tonight. In three hours.” She said as I nearly spit my coffee all over my desk.Then I heard someone using my voice say something completely obscene, “Done. Give me a few hours and it will be up and running.” I hung up the phone and could have kicked myself. “Am I just star-struck?” I thought. “Who says yes to this type of request? Put up and test a payment processing site in three hours??? Especially when it is not even my event? Am I nuts?”Then I picked up the phone and called my friends at Network for Good, as my staff stood by – paper bag in hand – making sure I was breathing. I told the NFG team about my dilemma and my lack of good judgment in promising something this big in such a short amount of time. They came to my rescue and made me a shining star … in less than three hours Ms. A-list celebrity had her site and was on her way to a fabulous night.Isn’t that darling?last_img

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