UN police take arduous route to deliver equipment to mission in Darfur

4 November 2008The joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur has received its latest batch of vital equipment and supplies after a convoy made the journey from a logistics base in central Sudan, a UN spokesperson said today. A police unit of the UN-AU mission, known as UNAMID, yesterday shipped the much-needed supplies from a UN logistics base in El Obeid to the operation in Darfur over some of the country’s most inhospitable terrain, particularly during the rainy season.The convey included 39 vehicles, seven trucks of contingent owned equipment – equipment supplied by Member States which are reimbursed by the UN – and three trucks of humanitarian relief provisions. UNAMID noted that the 900-kilometre journey is an opportunity for UNAMID police to make contact with the local population along the route and develop better working relations with the people.The mission, tasked with quelling the violence and humanitarian suffering across Darfur, has been in place since January, but only about 10,000 military personnel have been deployed so far, well short of the roughly 26,000 troops, military observers and police officers expected when UNAMID reaches full deployment.

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