Capcom PSN outage has cost us millions

first_imgPSN continues to be offline and Sony has already missed its first deadline of getting some of the service running again by May 7. The only real date we have to work by now is the end of May, as on May 1st Kaz Hirai stated they hoped to have things back up and running within a month.Gamers continue to be frustrated by the downtime, but now a key developer has had enough too. Capcom‘s Corporate Officer and Senior Vice President, Christian Svensson, has vented his frustration over the ordeal on the Capcom-Unity Forums.In a thread entitled “Capcom – How do you feel about the Sony hackers?” Svensson responded to a direct question within that thread asking how he felt. His response pointed to a lot of frustration with the hackers as a gamer unable to purchase things in the digital store or playing games. He also mentions his personal information being taken.Surprisingly, he goes into a bit of detail about how this is affecting Capcom financially and the sheer extent of the revenue lost. This isn’t an outage costing Capcom a few thousand dollars over the past three weeks, according to Svensson it is considerably more. He states the outage is, “costing us hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in revenue.”Svensson links those funds to new games being developed suggesting without it we won’t see as many games in the future.Capcom is only one of several large developers who must be feeling the same pain. No doubt all of them are in communication with Sony venting their frustration and urging the company to get PSN back online. We really wish they’d hurry up and get things back to normal.via GamesIndustry.bizlast_img

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