RIM officially declares PlayBook jailbreak a nono

first_imgThe BlackBerry PlayBook jailbreak tool DingleBerry has been around for quite some time now. Interestingly enough, RIM didn’t seem to feel the need to make any official comments about whether or not rooting their tablet was permissible.You probably would have assumed that RIM would take the same stance as other manufacturers have in the past: you’re on your own if you jailbreak. And predictably, they’ve finally come out and said exactly that on the Inside BlackBerry for Business blog.According to RIM’s Adrian Stone, “customers who use a jailbreaking tool on BlackBerry products void the manufacturer warranty.” Stone also details the potential security issues that could arise as a result of jailbreaking, which include making data on the device more difficult to protect.That’s quite true, of course, since gaining root access to the PlayBook via DingleBerry gives a user the ability to poke around inside its filesystem where RIM never intended folks to go. However, if you’ve stepped through the process of jailbreaking your PlayBook then you’ve also set up a password on your tablet, too. As long as it’s fairly complex, there’s no reason the contents of your PlayBook would be any less secure than those on someone else’s non-jailbroken PlayBook.Stone also cautions against installing software from unofficial sources as that presents an additional security risk. Interestingly enough, RIM has had troubles of their own when it comes to suspicious app activity recently.Android ports from “enthusiasts” are finding their way onto AppWorld without permission from the original developers. Dolphin Browser was one of the first to appear, and other apps — like WinAmp — have popped up as well.More at Liliputing and Inside BlackBerrylast_img

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