Iceland goes cold on porn wants to ban it from the internet

first_imgRule 34 states that if it exists, there is porn of it. Lawmakers of Iceland are apparently all too familiar with Rule 34, and they’re working on a way to make sure all the porn that exists of everything, everywhere on the Internet isn’t going to cause any more trouble in their homeland.Interior Minister Ögmundur Jónasson is leading the charge, and he’s got plenty of support. Iceland has a long-standing law banning the printing and distribution of pornography, and two years ago strip clubs were made illegal. With all the AFK porn taken care of, it’s time to turn attention to the internet.Jónasson and other members of parliament are pursuing the ban for two reasons. First, the two previous bans were enacted due to prevailing sentiment that pornography violates the civil rights of women and harms society in general. Second is a growing concern over the effects of viewing pornography — especially more graphic and violent porn — on younger and younger children.That’s certainly a valid concern. Porn is all over the internet, and it can be incredibly tricky to avoid (hello, Vine!). Search engines like Google and Bing do their best to make safe search filters sift out objectionable content, but they’re not perfect. Services like the OpenDNS FamilyShield and software like NetNanny can help, too, but the porn is still there and it’s impossible to block it all.Iceland’s opted for a Great Firewall of China approach rather than Britain’s proposed opt-in porn system, but adding some intense filtering at the main tubes that feed Iceland its Internet would indeed reduce the amount of porn that’s available within its borders. That, lawmakers are hoping, will have a net positive effect on the nation’s population — and its youth in particular.last_img

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