Jimmy Fallon plays Watch Dogs on PS4

first_imgUbisoft has been more than happy to show off footage of its next-gen titles, and in particular Watch Dogs. We’ve already got to see some extended gameplay, but last night Jimmy Fallon continued his Video Games Week by getting to play the game on PS4, and so giving us a fresh look at it.What you see is 5 minutes of the gameplay we already know exists in the title–a mix of hacking, surveillance and action sequences. But what this quick demo does show off quite nicely is how it all flows together.The whole sequence of watching a mugging take place and then giving chase demonstrates how open the world of Watch Dogs actually is. It also shows you the choices on offer. You can decide to do nothing and watch the crime happen to its conclusion, you could intervene and let the guy run off and just receive the woman’s thanks, or, you can do what Fallon does and give chase on foot and then in a car.I think some people were concerned this game might turn out to be a bit boring due to the focus on hacking, but gameplay clips like this paint a different picture. It looks like you can make the game as exciting and tense as you want it to be, or take a step back and focus more on the less action-based gameplay. If anything, hacking is more of an auto-action for mundane tasks like controlling cameras or gaining access to a building.The other thing to notice is how great the game looks, and there’s no loading or noticeable slowdown on display even though you seem to be covering quite a large distance by the end of the demo. Yes, Ubisoft would have made sure the gameplay wasn’t interrupted knowing millions of people are watching, but hopefully that’s going to be the case for the entire game.last_img

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