Chen Ji the weight of love Shanghai would reduce the foreign domain name suffix

It can be seen from figure

want to talk about today is the weight, love Shanghai to reduce external suffixes, which I guess love "in Shanghai to list stations, second make adjustments" in the Bo algorithm, may be reduced the weight fraction of

A5 wrote in a "guess love Shanghai to stand group and second make adjustment" the Bo algorithm, then some people doubt my views, or even abuse I write the article is placed in P. I am here for those who do not dare to imagine, analysis ability of the station 3 minutes of silence.

and Tk domain, and COM, NET and CN belong to the same top-level domain, the free application for Chinese, current situation, pie in the sky without people to grab a few months ago, TK stations, fishing station is very popular, but also for this reason

!The to register for free!Now why don’t TK


love Shanghai!

, love Shanghai included the TK domain name has very little, first we don’t talk about how many TK domain users, this screenshot, we can determine the TK domain name is not included in Shanghai love

returned to Shanghai will reduce the weight of love foreign suffixes this topic, now the INFO domain names will go on the old TK, we’ll see. At the same time, Shanghai will not love out of a domain name suffix, found the problem, immediately went out of the domain name suffix. Love is Shanghai’s only practice only, appropriate to reduce the weight of foreign domain name. This article from the 贵族宝贝 Chen Ji @ new team welcome


name? There is only one reason, love Shanghai has TK domain name down the right, in the effort, diligently do stand, no results.

I remember

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