How can we really do the optimization work site (two)

two is in the video content on the website to do creative, creative video content often can bring to the site more value and increase the PV value of the site, imagine your website through video let users continuously enter the page click visit, this is not a description of your site is worth more than the same industry the website value from? Can make the search engine on your site to pay attention, so as to improve the user experience of the website, improve website ranking.

is a website in the picture content in more efforts, focus on the Internet friends will find many pictures now development site had more than a pure text content of the site, from this point we can see that an increasing proportion of pictures in the search engine for the more important, and these images is the key to the original, there are introduced and spiders crawl, a very simple example: if your site is one of the Terracotta Army’s tourism website, website in addition to text content monotonous outside should add some interesting pictures of the original Terracotta Army? Which is currently lacking in many webmaster.

on a website about the contents of the link, so many owners have benefited, most of the owners are actually from the heart is willing to do the optimization work site, but due to some personal and social factors to affect the correct judgment of website optimization, and the writer’s intention is to this part of the webmaster the error optimization idea to save over, let each a webmaster can go on real road.

yesterday day Shanghai search engine and a new message, this message and 90% of the owners are linked, love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, as summarized in one sentence: love Shanghai and of low quality content sites under the ruthless hand, as a webmaster want to avoid their website is adverse the phenomenon, then only the content of the website is hard to do.

website content hard

three is in the text content of the site to be creative, innovative website at least 3 times faster than the development of no innovative website, of course innovation may not every site, so we do when the site even if there is no innovation to avoid poor quality of site questions love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm, don’t let your website is also love Shanghai judge the poor quality of the site, so the loss is as a webmaster you can not bear, hope webmaster friends can enrich the content of the web site.

website content involves every aspect of the site, the content not only refers to the text content of the site, including the picture content, video content, page content and overall image and so on, as a webmaster want to optimize your site can do work site, way to go very far.

the content of the website optimization is not so difficult to imagine, but many owners do not want to do, I believe that as long as you can head down to do optimize your website, then.

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