n May 28th after Google and love Shanghai update


fell in love with the sea is not PR, but the love of Shanghai has its own weight algorithm, apparently frequent updates to the site and the original content site is high weight site, even if Google PR value is 0. I think this update will make many of our webmaster of the site’s weight will have a new understanding. This article from: what method can fast acne www.lclxfzgg贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source

second, often update site enterprises, generally lower PR value. Due to the anti chain Google no longer update, led to some enterprise stand alone outside the chain to enhance the PR enterprise station all drop weight. I have a business update station every day the chain, but not too many changes in the content of the website, but the Google rather baffling my PR2 site down to pr1. After the enterprise station Links strategy some difficult.

event: 1.2011 years in May 28th, Shanghai love data update, Google PR update

, often update the resource site, and contains a large number of original content update site. Google PR values generally rise, included but love Shanghai seems very smooth. I have a recruitment site, originally built in January, updated daily, now Google PR value up to 2, but included love Shanghai without much change.

update this two times, it is a joy a worry. Joy is the Google PR some Shanghai Longfeng resources site value, original content of sites included growth; the worry is not updated frequently and the chain is not powerful enterprise site PR decreased, but the love of Shanghai included and chain a little change. Love Shanghai data update, has led to some of the sites included reducing the chain to reduce some of the keyword ranking is reduced; some sites included doubled, keyword ranking was in dozens of moments, on the front page. Such signs, explains what


I have enterprise resources station, station, there are often updated, not updated often, there is a strong chain, the chain is not strong. Through some data analysis, I summed up the search engine update to view for webmaster friends reference.


the two points above we can see that the two largest search engine after the update of Shanghai dragon world will form such a situation, it is often easier to obtain updates to the site will be Links, may also get high weight of the site Links, not frequently updated site will be subject to some of the questions of Shanghai dragon.

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