Methods to find the long tail keywords




statistical software


analysis of your competitors

analysis of long tail keywords conversion rate of

long tail keywords conversion rate is directly related to the website can benefit, so to the site of the long tail keywords regular analysis, put some long tail keywords conversion rate and low down, make great efforts to do long tail keywords high conversion rate. So slowly will be the best use of long tail keywords. It is more difficult to do. "

loves Shanghai

The use of

stood in the user’s point of view


a website

if you watched a competitor, you can see how they are found and the optimization of the long tail keywords. You may have no keywords to do so, analysis of competitors can also find a lot of long tail keywords.

tools / materials

? The method steps

from the user’s point of view to consider. Is it better? In fact, a website main keywords do not only, and not necessarily the users will choose the word, standing in the user’s point of view can let the site increase the chance for users to find the.

Related search


the inquiry platform


as you search for "web design", will be "relevant search web design tutorial web designer web page design software, web design web design web design appreciation Three Musketeers web production web design web design report, these are the key words of the long tail can find a way. Also, when you enter the drop-down box, there are more search words.

website traffic statistical software, statistical background on the site, find the search engine keyword – bar, which shows the user enters your site search keywords, filtering out the larger flow, survived longer words, two optimization, improve traffic and conversion rate. This can make you good ranking page ranking better again, the flow is bigger.

in the inquiry platform, you will find the long tail keywords various all sorts of strange things, these are long tail keywords the user needs, so they will have to pay attention to it. We are not familiar with this kind of platform, such as Shanghai etc. know love. These are good methods.

real flow breakthrough point is the long tail keywords, the key point is to enhance the site traffic. If the site had one thousand long tail keywords, long tail word count each day brings 10 IP, one thousand words long tail of ten thousand IP, the flow is amazing. So how to master key regardless of the rank of the website, the role of long tail keywords are important, rely on the long tail keywords to get traffic is normal. So, how to find the long tail keywords

You can install the

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