n 8.22 Shanghai announcement message of love

2, combined with various data. May refer to other search engine data, reference statistics and so on, comprehensive consideration of the quality of the site.

love Shanghai official on August 22nd announcement that Shanghai will further upgrade the love algorithm, mainly directed at the content of cheating in the site. Has been for many webmaster "content is king" as a motto, but most of them are not relying on original content to truly practice the truth, but a "pseudo original", "collection" of these methods to achieve the goal of the site "content is king".

The original identification of

4, 360 for web search. The last 360 search menacing, love Shanghai also reacted quickly, not only will the 360 search past love Shanghai know a hint, and engage in a security alliance". 360 has been playing first is safety, love Shanghai in this regard can not be a sign of weakness, but I do not know the announcement fifth pointed out that "the site has a large number of illegal or fraudulent content, may cause the user property loss had much effect, the smiling without a word.

search engine for the content is difficult, is not only technical, more realistic situation. Ancient poetry, masterpieces of goodwill share…… The reality of the situation is not all judgment of a site is high quality or low quality. A guess for the love Shanghai upgrade algorithm announcement.

23 love Shanghai was updated, and the end of the forum is blown not coming, the webmaster didn’t like 6.28 so that Starving people fill the land. K webmaster, not much. Love Shanghai algorithm change eventually, how to do the "content is king" this is the next priority among priorities of webmaster, how to play the cards would see you. The original www.nzshop.net classic quotations, welcome reproduced with link.

1, according to the website of the original degree (the proportion of the original article) to judge. In fact, this does not need to guess, announcement second "most" to point out, in other words, ensure that the site has a certain proportion of the original article, this site can still survive.

3, social sharing data. The user experience is paid more and more attention, social sharing more and more love Shanghai mentioned tools. I believe in the future of love Shanghai algorithm, will be more involved, but it is also a difficulty.

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