Google WebGL browser graphics Angle prototype


yesterday, Google announced that Kokkevis Angle has Vangelis programmers, through the OpenGL 2 certification test suite. WebGL provides a low level graphical interface, follow the MAC OS X, Linux, iOS and Android OpenGL; but the promotion is still less than OpenGL. Windows comes with a standard Microsoft Direct3D, and Angle is the OpenGL command is converted to Direct3D.

3D map WebGL technology based on Angle effects

brings (Hongkong Kowloon)

Kokkevis said: "Angle is our continued efforts to push forward the necessary steps of network platform. No Angle, can not be a computer running Windows on the WebGL standard, also cannot start MapsGL. MapsGL is the WebGL interface of Google map 3D building based on an optional function, as well as some different from the ordinary online map tool."

persuaded Microsoft to support the WebGL is still a very big obstacle. Microsoft IE does not support WebGL, developers can not rely on WebGL to make the game. For users, this means that the website annoying warnings such as "this game only runs on the latest version of Firefox/Opera/Chrome."

November 30th news: Angle is a noble baby Windows computer development pattern project, has passed an important milepost certification can improve the graphics recognition, some browsers. Google launched the Angle in March 2010, is a graphical tool for WebGL, use new 3D graphics technology to enhance browser experience.

Angle is Chrome and Firefox for the Windows system, to identify the WebGL. This is a very important point for Microsoft WebGL is not optimistic, but the traditional game programmers for deep mining network construction, more complex 2D and 3D game support.

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