Site link how to integrate four problems for effective management

your site link quality

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article is mainly about how to do the site content updates, from the angle of time to space and so on on the site to update the contents of this article, the author would like to express station on the website of the link management, website link into the link management link management and external internal management, internal links can promote the work site of internal optimization, the chain link is not good management can promote the site’s weight lifting, so no matter what kind of people should start from these two aspects, strengthen the link management of the site, the writer share some links strengthen management method, hope to be able to not strong to the webmaster produce link management role.


Link management of

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website mainly includes four questions: 1. links to your site link stability? 2. your site link reliable? 3. of your site link quality? 4. of your site link? I believe that as long as the four problems well, then bring the power of There is nothing comparable to this enough for the stability and development of the website, with the following four issues will be combined to talk about problems and web site development.

The reliable? ?The link quality

"reliable" two words is mainly about whether the value of the site link link, along with the rapid development of the Internet economy, more and more owners learned to buy links in Taobao, link trading platform, the purchase link behavior is not reliable, because this kind of link on the surface of PR is very high also, the high weight, but many trading platforms or sellers in the sale of Taobao will not in accordance with the rules, webmasters often are complaining about money payment but the purchase link is not in place and this is why, imagine a site links to this site will suddenly appear and disappear, recognized by search engines

mentioned here mainly from the perspective of the content and export link >.

site link stability?

link stability and the head of the executive power are closely related, can be said that the stability and owners chain care is closely related to the stability and owners of the chain of Qinliqinwei, established in the process of the development of the site owners need to pay attention to the link to the station every hour and moment. The author first check the website internal links when site more than 200 links in 10 dead links, at that time I was very surprised, because the generated daily updated content and column page I are carried out in strict accordance with the website backstage operation process, then I don’t know why there are so many dead links exist finally, after all the code on the site for inspection, found a few bugs, that is in the website content generation to tenth when the link is invalid link, finally the author was modified in order to solve the problem of code, so to link the stability of webmaster must carefully, do hands-on work and make their sites can be stable in the development.

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