Do these details, the spider will be more likely to follow you

details determine success or failure. We all know, many web site optimization can not do it, the fundamental reason is that in the specific details of the optimization, should pay attention to what the details of it, today I will share my own experience three.


for example, when we go to open a page, its path is supposed to be www.xxx贵族宝贝, but when we enter the path out of the carriage return after the loading is www.xxx贵族宝贝/index.html, this is a problem, because a page, only one path to participate in love Shanghai rankings, generally is www.xxx贵族宝贝 like this without tail. If a page appears multiple paths, the search engine will think your page is not standardized, and on your site for punishment. The following figure, is typical of the URL standard.

URL standard is divided into standard and URL home page column page URL standard, URL standard column page is the same, the same path only corresponds to a URL, that is to say in the ranking of paths and access path should be consistent, so that the path of weight can be inherited. If the path is followed like index.html or index.php, we must get rid of it, concrete can be realized through the background or the IIS console.

, URL standard. What is the name of the URL standard? In simple terms, is a page corresponds to only one path, when we go to open this page, only allowed the emergence of a path,

two, pseudo static. Now a lot of websites love with pseudo static path, the webmaster in the establishment of the time will also deliberately take a dynamic path into a pseudo static path. I personally feel that it is not necessary, why do you say that? Because most of our website is to use the standard CMS system, CMS system standard is not static. Because the commonly used open source program is typical of the standard dynamic path, that is to say these parameters of dynamic path has been recognized as the search engine spiders, and static path can be identified and normal search engine spiders crawl. Standard CMS sites such as do pseudo static is not affected on the rankings and included.

so, is not our website does not need the pseudo static, of course not, there is reasonable, the existence of pseudo static nature also has its value. When the site path we appear some non-standard parameters, search engine spiders can not identify, we need to do pseudo static. This time, the pseudo static is like a bridge, can help our website and search engine spiders for better communication, to a certain extent can enhance the search engine spiders on our website friendliness. On the contrary, if we don’t do pseudo static, non search engine spiders can not identify > your website in the path

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