Hao Bing how to be included in the post love Shanghai quickly before release


We choose to post

home page "the latest posts" section of the Forum:

some new friends that forum outside the chain, is very simple, do not post or replies? Is the replies and post, but these posts are immediately included? You know, after the post was collected, inside the chain can only play a role. Want to be in love in Shanghai included the successful launch of the former, the main is to stare at the latest post, the general forum is divided into two kinds, "the latest posts" plate, such as a push and push the 28 forum, another is not "the latest posts" section, such as the A5 and the laggards so, we are to analyze, according to the two forum in Shanghai, if we love our links included before leaving.

Shanghai dragon is the need to be seen, careful, careful friends should be able to see the post above a sort: the last published "figure:

in Shanghai included replies before, so we need to find the latest post, how to find? For example, the A5 on the map:

time, then look at the following posts. You should see all the latest reply Posts rarely, A5 relative laggards included slow, open label with 360 browser, the post opens in a new window, (you can also use the forum above the "new window" button) and quick reply, reply after the stop point "ranking: the last published" can directly refresh.

if there is "the latest posts" section then congratulations, you just stare at the latest posts, you can reply one by one, of course, you want to know the latest post refresh time is not the same, some 3 minutes or 5 minutes to refresh, refresh, although your replies will be included in most. But if the forum included fast, there may be missing a few oh.

Our aim is to

2, no home "the latest posts" section of the Forum:

plate!In fact,

this forum we do? We’ll reply, old post may have been included in the top of the chain, this was of no effect, unless the love Shanghai next update this post, usually takes 20 days to a month to update, also we now send the chain may play a role in the 20 days before he said, this is a blow to our confidence.

tips: because of the way is effective, the chain growth too fast, the weight is not high site best.

forum outside the chain chain is the mainstream method of estimation of the webmaster, you can see the webmaster forum, in which user signature does not take three or four links in your signature for slowly, lest squandered a position, even if some level is relatively low, the user did not hang the forum signature, will they secretly in the post with one or two anchor text.


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