Domain home is not the first hurt me

three, simply copy and paste the cups. If this is the right down there is no words to say, "aware of the tiger undeterred". Before Yichang Shanghai dragon made a stand, is to buy the domain name itself PR is 3, the weight of the good, he used to do some target keywords ranking is very good, then copy and paste, snapshot stagnant, and pages long tail words and page target keywords >


, a short period of time often hosts are attacked, the rotation IP, as we all know, the search engine is the most taboo. But once because the server inside the other sites with IP following right down, even suffered a mechanism to love Shanghai to wake up. Yichang and Shanghai dragon is the United States with the fatcow space, we all know it is very difficult to speed with the domestic rival, once attacked, users can not access, by the point of injury did not discuss, so we choose a time when the host space must think, choose some with hard, fast stable host.

domain: appears as shown below:


yesterday a friend told me that Pei Tao your website home page weight is not high, why do I say? The reason lies in the domain query when love Shanghai related to the domain of the home page is appeared in the first place, so determine my website home page weight is not high. Immediately I site, I estimate it more superstitious site, site:’s case is the first position in the target keyword search home page ranking is good. Of course, this concern is to do an analysis, what is the reason for such a situation, how to remedy.

site:t showed normal home on the first picture is as follows:

two, internal and external link problems, especially the external links, why? The outbreak trend is particularly evident in the Links plate. Experiment 1: if you Links one or several suddenly appeared 0 or included in the home page is not the first case, especially in the love of Shanghai, I think your guilt is not too far away, why say within the link in the chain’s role is to explain that, can to increase the relevance of our website, but also can increase the spider visit our site, let the spider can better access to every link of our site, in the chain can increase the site included in the page, but also can effectively improve the weight of our site long tail word, in a word in the role of the chain is very strong, we must to strengthen, experiment 2: if your website internal links too little or a single spider in the residence time of "reduction, internal links scattered, correlation or will dilute the site, and Make a web page to reduce weight. Yichang Shanghai dragon Kung Fu especially in this one. Internal links are not very good to the operation.

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