The chain blog experience summary FAQ reply

answer: some blogs or websites allow users to send a comment with a link or a signature with links, when to send the Shanghai dragon Er will not display your comments or prompt activation of spam website system. Possible reasons for this problem are the following: the website itself to comment on the new registered users of the number of links have been restricted, it is possible that the user once the number of links too much activation of the anti spam system website, can lead to recurrent.

answer: this type of blog or website to link and comment on the requirements of a strict review system, if not to comment on article content, add random link paste the URL will lead to hair up after the blank page, this kind of website is the most nofollow tag, only a very few can send.

answer: this type of blog or website and blog in the 1 somewhat similar, the difference is not given whitepages. The reason may be because these blogs don’t let link. In the face of a blog, can look, if this blog a comment is not, can send a small chance normally, you can first try under normal post links with the reply, if you can try to add a two link.

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2, why some can only send a blog or two comments, after multiple will be deleted or cannot send

, why are there > 7

3, why some blogs or websites with nofollow tag

1, why some blog or website comments made up to display a blank page


5, why some blog or website comments made will not tip shielding failure, do not prompt success, what did not display


sites joined the shielding code cannot be successfully sent.

4, why some links on the surface can be seen, when you view the source code is not

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6, why some websites link up, mouse is up in the future is not showing our website

?A: This is the most

nofollow tags are first introduced by Google in 2005 to prevent the canonical tag spam links, then Yahoo, MSN and other major search engine manufacturer support, mainly used to prevent the blog website link spam reply. Most of the current mainstream blog had joined the label, such as blogspot贵族宝贝, wordpress贵族宝贝 and so on, the purpose is to prevent spam links lead to the PR value of the loss.

met this kind of website or blog, must by source code, issued after the best view the source code. The reason may be the website source code with some shielding code, so after the end of this kind of website must check the source code.

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