The details of three mistakes in the construction of the chain of the Forum

Please see that the

is the forum daily attendance instead of a signature, a few years ago to do with the web site included forum registration is still good, but now in attendance when the web site and effect? I asked the question in the forum, the answer is not what some say Public opinions are divergent., role, some forum robots set in shielding spiders crawl sign; some say some are not shielded or can do when the chain; some say is not even when the chain, or can be extended under the website

2. personal spaceThe

view the five forum robots said above, are consistent with the shielding search engine log space, it seems, want to start from the log chain is not, like a compromise, do not do the chain promotion chant, give personal information to fill in the complete, the most important it is marked on your own website, if your account is active enough, the daily traffic space will not be less, visitors to the site drainage space!.

forum is a promotion in Shanghai Longfeng essential resources, our usual mode of operation is done purely in the signature of the chain or content in the website or anchor text, although the role of the forum signature in Shanghai Longfeng in optimization has shrunk, but most of the webmaster forum outside the chain of construction or music is not he, whether for Shanghai dragon or for the promotion of the website, forum or the role of leverage.


active users of the forum included high relatively well, today login webmaster forum, forum, behind a push, Shanghai dragon why and 28 of the five webmaster forum, several problems were found in the forum to do outside the chain, explain here.

we tend to put the site focus on the signature on the personal data.

1. forum daily Add URL

…The Log

log is where people will ignore during the forum, because most of them focus on the theme, do not believe you can try to access the space of others, will find that most of the log personal space plate is nothing, or is it not moving.

forum is set to sign function, the intention is to stick to the user, and when it pulled Shanghai dragon promotion purpose is not simply the webmaster people every day in the forum, in addition to obtain the integral upgrade, also want to easily do the chain, I think some forum crawling sign plate is shielded because can’t stand more and more the rubbish sign it.

personal recommendations: in attendance, view the site robots file, see whether to shield the search engine spiders crawl, if set, will behave in it, even if you want to add a web site to do the promotion, eager to make everyone in Jigong integration, the Kung Fu visits your site scanty.

3. personal information in the personal homepage

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