The rapid increase in the website keywords ranking six correlation function

we all know before we give website to the theme of the site for a set, then can we focus on this theme launched a series of work, the main work is set between the website label, website content correlation, correlation between net station anchor text construction, construction related website chain the construction site outside the chain, correlation. I divided the five aspects about how to fully play the role of association website.

before I mentioned many times website label we need to know not many places, you can open the browser, view any website source files, as long as the site do not too bad, you will find a meta label, H1 label, ALT label, the three types of tags is that we must grasp although, this is the code, but most of the time we do not need to contact the real code, we can in the website backstage through some simple settings of these tags set, of course to understand how the code is the best.

in determining the theme of the site, we will need to be set on the website of the meta tag inside the title, description, keyword, here we must do the correlation. This is mainly in the three tag inside do keyword contains related theme, especially the title, because the weight of keywords in the title of the web site of the highest, followed by description, keyword, description key is to introduce your website to show something to the user, this stuff is very important in this, how to show the label inside.

We all know that The correlation between

professional website related to the website, the website authority, have the weight of the site of a very important evaluation, if we can do all the work site dependence is very high, that our website ranking absolutely great, of course, a small amount of correlation it is impossible to achieve this effect, we need to adhere to long-term accumulation and content from the theme of the site, and to deepen the chain to improve a lot. Long time to do these aspects of our web site keywords ranking is a very normal thing, here are some details of our website and relevance can be done.

1, website label

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In front of me from five aspects, introduces several methods of website promotion Keywords, respectively is the "rapid increase of Web site keywords ranking: a selection of key words" "rapidly improve the site keywords ranking two keywords:" optimization "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking three: outside the station auxiliary work" "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking four: anchor text the use of" fast "to improve the site keywords ranking five: flow effect analysis", today I then this topic introduces an additional increase keyword ranking: correlation function.

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