New sites to quickly improve their weight


Internet era, is also a political arena, this arena and the reality of the society, grassroots webmaster want to kill out of the arena, or to spend time and effort, perhaps some people say but I tell you, the slow need to start early., Benniao never fly first, first flying birds are imaginative, willing to endure hardship who can finally fly higher, fly farther, well, not much nonsense, I personally experience for you to new sites to quickly improve their weight. Let you look at the new station will have weight, and many of the words have search index ranking, as follows:

two. Determine the key skills of



A good choice of space. The

that you may not pay much attention to, think that Shanghai is the Dragon hair of the chain, you are wrong, the chain is important, in fact, do network marketing is the inclusion of Shanghai dragon, one is for the search engines, some people outside the chain is that the chain to their website to vote, so as to enhance the your site’s ranking, let more users to find their own website, and one is for the user, such as going to a classified information website posting, advertising group, the number of fans more than modest communication, e-mail message to the promotion, the two is marketing, to combine to make your website weight up. Why do you say that? Because the website is up, your main website brand promotion, and send the chain together. When you push the brand website >

when you set up sites, the most important keywords, which represents the content of your website, can not be changed after the establishment. Keywords it is best to put their own brand on the front, is your website name, the website title and the title, the title of the article is the content in the title, the name of the site in the post, some people say the website in the title name in what is actually the case, but in the former will easy for users to remember you, but you don’t have to repeat the title, the best is a word that has many popular words of this sentence, we can get to know the details.

three is the most important marketing

this topic we always say, but few people can do it, some grassroots insufficient funds, not willing to spend money to buy some cheap space, the effect is particularly poor, the space server will affect your site’s ranking, and even K station, in order to make long-term plans and suggestions grassroots webmaster or choose a good server. For example, Ali cloud, buy a separate VPS, make their sites have an independent, open speed, and is not affected by the garbage station. The new railway station, station the following screenshot is the pen, Shanghai Longfeng check information tool, see that, just set up a month of new sites, there is love Shanghai weight, and you can see the server information, with ALI cloud. The second, third point I to tell you how to improve their weight.


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