On what is the standard rate and conversion rate

— compared with last month’s activities, rather than the standard or industry standard.

focus on advertising campaign ROI target, can make more rational, open and feasible online media channels. This also allows media managers and customers to complete the two important things:

every time, I would have received from customers and potential customers of all kinds of problems, which involves the industry standard, is an accurate answer some difficult problems. For example, I received such a question, "for an advertising campaign, what is the standard rate or conversion rate of

of course, when we were in the careful analysis, we can know a good click through rate and conversion rate. For banner ads, more than 0.2% hits is a good hit rate, the conversion rate is higher than the conversion rate of 5% is good, but it still can not effectively achieve profitability. Therefore, to achieve the industry standard does not mean that your success. For high cost products, low rate or conversion rate may be feasible, high hit rate even higher conversion rates for low value products still have no benefit.

reality is that although we have industry classification, but influence the click rate and conversion rate were more influenced by product demand, brand awareness, innovation etc.. I’m not saying no effect on media campaigns, but the media will you appear in front of users, promote innovation in action.

in various studies, I often quote the industry standard, and even tell my clients what I think is good hits. However, the situation is more, to show customers click rate and conversion rate model, we must try to explain things, efforts to develop feasible time cost, traffic and sales etc.. Therefore, instead of looking to reach the industry standard, we have not optimized to achieve viable ROI target.

?" )

this means that low-cost advertising position (low conversion rate and) is still mixed, if they send feasible ROI. On the contrary, high advertising position (better KPI) may not be feasible for ROI.

— if they aim at a cost of each activity or traffic, to value-added analysis of the advertising position past.

(the original starting in March 1, 2011; compilation: Jin Shengxi:

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