Keywords optimization of why he ranked higher than you

many students because the code is not very familiar with, is often easy to optimize website hang WP blog system, a simple default template, began to optimize. So see you are ahead in time, but you may not think that the majority of Shanghai dragon is the idea. So, the spider crawling CSS love Shanghai and JS, the analysis time, and many people will find that you have the same template and the structure of the site a lot, do not see your efforts, not scarcity.

my own use when weaving their own design and interface. Although design is very cumbersome, but with the increase of reading students increased, we have left a good impression, for the website experience is good.

five, experience and activity he more than you


you send the chain map, feel editorial content is too tired, too lazy to go. The basic problem is to see others sent to reply quickly, every day a number, satisfy the amount of psychological goals for it. And a lot of links because didn’t notice the forum rules or not solve the real problem, be deleted, the link loss rate is also high. This search engine can give you the impression that you are? Less than others a

three, the content quality of his more than you

some students according to their own website is just made a name, such as: Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon Amauri Agou, so casually name difficult to impress. Many students find map in choice of shared IP (a IP at least dozens of websites, many hundreds), while others would rather spend more money with the independent IP, you think the search engine more attention to who?! who before you get a

two, he

many students find that the website optimization master is very mysterious, Shanghai dragon Jones started learning optimization knowledge also had this idea, think what to do before the keyword ranking is in front, must have a very powerful Cheats! But, through the practice of the two months of study and more than a month, I we found that knowledge is the same, but because the details of different treatment methods lead to great differences, it is worth to think about new Shanghai dragon.

more than you Website optimization

students usually have their own work, are busy, some people can not find time to continuously update, many students have time to update the article content is mostly a reference others simple pseudo original article. We think, the contents of this quality will be high? Not carefully prepared, not how to attract visitors to the dry cargo,? The people and more


four, the chain he more than you

the station optimization more than you !

classmate, when someone comes to your site, give you a message, you earnestly to reply? When visitors see an article, you mobilize his further.

than you!

, a domain name, space choice he

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