Keywords layout changes lead to site is down right painful experience


right down there are so few points:

, a few keywords ranking fell slightly.

I want to try to use this way to increase the site’s relevance to the ranking. We all know the navigation and classification is the most important, so a big adjustment, but the title change is not only a word in the training, but a new title. Description and keywords title also made corresponding.


the above five factors to determine the site is down the right, no other reason, only the keyword layout made significant adjustments to this one. In fact, in this blog drop right is predictable, because the change is too big, it is subversive before I put the navigation column all changed, we look at

The main features of

II, page snapshot of stagnation, I think the blog is rarely updated snapshot when the next day, but since I adjust the keyword layout, I increased the amount of updates, also continue to send the chain, but there are still the stagnation of the page snapshot.

, domain is not the first home page, because my blog is a 3 year old domain, has good performance, has never been domain is not in the first case, the emergence of this situation is certainly one of the performance right down.

into the relevant columns and the Shanghai dragon training course website classification

, view the site log found spider to frequency than before the decline.


you know the keyword of the website layout rationality with keyword ranking quality has a direct relationship, so we must in the keyword distribution line on the website to do a good job, do then don’t go to change it. Because of the author to the previous few simple regional keywords ranking has been done, think this blog did not play, no motivation, I in order not to let oneself sink to the challenge. Just want to re do a challenging word – Shanghai dragon training. This word is very challenging, since the new blog to do so naturally want to re do the layout of the site keywords, not easily modify a title will be able to make up the keywords. I intend to put all the resources it tends to do this very competitive word, of course, the blog itself regional ranking still need to maintain. But did not expect a major adjustment of the layout of the key words in a short time to let my blog drop right.



3, the snapshot is not uniform, different keywords will appear different snapshots before keyword search, major adjustment of the layout of everything is normal.


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