Shanghai Longfeng contribution is still there, but you have to change

pull away, back to the theme, all day on the outside and a private hospital network promotion manager talked about operation topics, including team allocation problem, the details here is not to say. The hospital network promotion department of about 70 people, 20 of the extrapolation of a few people, the editorial department of the 20 department 10 a few people, a few people, bidding Department 5 people, 1 people of Shanghai dragon. What introduce each department is mainly engaged in the promotion, extrapolation, soft, the chain, the platform promotion; the editorial department of the main editorial content, making thematic planning, responsible for the website (including mobile station), WeChat, micro-blog, and other space update; technology including the network management, write a program to change the code production site, art bidding department; needless to say, love Shanghai, Google, 360 paid promotion.

is now the Shanghai dragon industry as a whole is very chaotic, there is no specific requirement for the enterprise of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng personnel need to do what Shanghai Longfeng uneven in quality, without a standard, Shanghai dragon what to do does not have a standard. In short, Shanghai Longfeng this concept has become increasingly blurred, if someone asks me now Shanghai dragon has no use, I will answer certainly useful, but now if someone asked me what is the Shanghai dragon, if the answer is search engine optimization, I feel sorry for Shanghai dragon Er, and if the answer is to optimize the search experience, I still don’t think so. Can only say that the Shanghai dragon Er is a brick.

simple look, the Shanghai dragon really not what. The chain and soft to extrapolation, articles, WeChat micro-blog to the editorial department, the website code changes to server maintenance technology, engage in bidding and bidding department. Even if some factor of website unfriendly, regular rectification on the line, do not need to get all day. You say you have more leisure? It is the dry Shanghai Longfeng some exhausted, but some idle dead. Later, I asked him why he said a Shanghai dragon, others have, and it is the role of some…….. Very sad bitter words, but it is a truth.


said so much, I really wanted to say what? Today about one day, feeling too much, here is the top division of the Department by the situation, only a few of the ideas about Shanghai dragon.

again 1 people of Shanghai Longfeng department, I asked the director of their focus is mainly doing Shanghai dragon, he directly answered nothing like dry (this Shanghai dragon can really have no sense of presence). Then he also wanted to say: "I really didn’t do what is changed, some tags, check ranking, exchange friend chain, then check the flow and so on, and at the meeting to editors say love Shanghai the latest developments, in fact the contribution is still there, but the Shanghai dragon love with some technology things, and do not love and share. "

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