Share and experience of Shanghai dragon more than two years of experience

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The first is the technical aspects of

Shanghai Longfeng imperceptibly has been more than two years, time flies, get a lot of Shanghai Dragon technology, Shanghai dragon about thinking, on the website promotion, little seems to be more and more in mind forming, today put my point of view to Shanghai dragon to write out a technology and also on the strategy, there will be about life, in fact, this article is more like a set of records, and only Shanghai dragon records set, hope the owners will love.

I’m a personal webmaster, so do the first station in the process of industry is, is doing the news station, or beauty picture stand, is a small game, or Taobao, after careful analysis, found that these are not my strengths, I wasn’t interested in the direction of wheat, Lisa interest is a station, help a lot of small and medium enterprises free website, so I chose the virtual industry, this industry is not too great a cost, the pricing of the relatively large degree of freedom; here stationmaster advice is to choose their own familiar or have the resources industry to enter, do not blindly follow the trend, what other people do make money others, we not only more than others, and their ratio, do what you can do, is from a step closer to success.

my understanding of Shanghai dragon is the time cumulative effect, but must pay attention to the station optimization. Time cumulative effect is that we usually say the quantitative cause a qualitative change, many related are obtained in the accumulation, such as domain name weight, for example, included the number, site traffic, Alexa ranking, user stickiness and so on. The new station in all aspects seem to be lacking, focus should be placed on the basis of optimization and improve the content of the station, such as the chain construction, structure optimization, URL adjustment, H tag is suitable and so on, the best not large area keywords optimization. After two to three months, the site formed the initial accumulation, this time is the focus of the promotion, but in the promotion, which is a very important point is to optimize the key words.

Shanghai Dragon technology is very important, but more important thinking of Shanghai dragon. Only to the site reasonable rules and find out for yourself, a clear profit model, is the ultimate goal, therefore, Shanghai Dragon technology only as a tool and means, if you do not have a good position and profitable way, then the Shanghai dragon in vain. But a lot of good profit pattern is of great relevance and their products as well as the nature of the industry, therefore, to find the different points of different industries, to analyze industry trends, learn to understand their own strengths, concentrate on one thing, and to own Shanghai dragon knowledge and industry a good integration to maximize the effect.

is the second strategy

is the last health

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