Daniel how to put the value of the soft play better


submission is a channel, we need to do to maximize the value of the soft? Everyone to write soft article is not easy ah, of course, should make full use of, because you don’t know what will bring the most traffic to you, a very simple example, such as webmaster online no matter what industry station Shanghai dragon can send articles, but these industries did not correlate with you too much, but the weight of relatively high site can stay URL is not directly linked to your site, so even if many people read your articles, will give you bring a lot of traffic, a lot of people can be reproduced unless can increase the part of the chain for you. I usually write a soft starter to love Shanghai space inside, and then sent to other sites and blogs, and Internet cafes are everywhere. Love Shanghai is the most optimistic about their own things, if you want to use my own soft answer to love Shanghai know the problems, if not sent directly to your own web site so love > space inside Shanghai

, find the theme to match up

two, to the "real" title to "

A few days ago

three, throughout the land and make full use of

" refers to the rich content, "big" refers to the title of the atmosphere. The above said is only for Adsense text, there are many websites are soft by editors or promotion to write, not everyone knows Shanghai dragon, if just far fetched to writeon was a waste of time, which should we focus on the quality of the soft content. Advertising too obvious to see a death sentence, the content does not make people feel full as insipid, and we need to continue to discovery and innovation, the Internet also bring a long and minute statement toss about boring.

has been gained and we talked about the Shanghai dragon in Shanghai dragon at the beginning of novice how to avoid misunderstanding, mentioned a lot, I believe we all remember that I mentioned that this soft. The effect of software how ocean, experienced webmaster must have feelings, but not tried or just in the Shanghai dragon new work will still not clear the soft effect, today is nothing and we talk about how to maximize the value of the text.

most of the webmaster write soft article is to increase the chain, they are typically associated with their own website, but we have to remember that in the "what what the temple", which stresses a rome. In the past to contribute to spend some time to learn more about this website, see recommended articles are what type, in the end of this site has multiple taste, do not match up, do not understand the cast an article was deleted as advertising articles.

besides content title is very important, I remember seeing a soft, like the general content, we often encounter problems when the station is to do, but it is very good to the title, see the title when I feel that I have the desire to want to go on, think there are the things I want to know this. The title will play a great value.

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