The primary search instruction of Shanghai Longfeng personnel must master

as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, some advanced search instructions is that you must master. SEM, prepared for you a few questions, see if you know how to do


can you answer a few questions?

(3) how to search the title with "Shanghai dragon" page? How to get the title with "Shanghai dragon", and a "search engine optimization" page


Shanghai – Phoenix Forum "search results

Shanghai – Phoenix forum. Use minus search can effectively eliminate some unnecessary information. Here. The minus sign (-) is behind the word out, the front is a space.


optimization tutorial" search results


1, double quotes:


(4) included how to query a website? How to query all files of a domain name under the

"Shanghai dragon

"intitle: Shanghai dragon" search results

intitle:, Shanghai dragon. The intitle instruction is returned Title keywords contained in the page;

"Shanghai dragon" search results

optimization tutorial". Put in double quotes search, not only the complete sequence of the same keywords. Use double quotes search can more accurately find competitors.

allintitle: Shanghai, search engine optimization. The allintitle instruction is returned in title which contains more than one page keywords. Equivalent: intitle: Shanghai, intitle: search engine optimization

"Shanghai dragon

3, intitle and allintitle




(1) how to ensure the search results must contain "Shanghai dragon optimization tutorial" the complete words, not only contains "Shanghai dragon", "Shanghai dragon optimization", "Shanghai dragon tutorial"

allintitle: "Shanghai dragon search"




2, minus (-)


(2) how to search only contain "Shanghai dragon", but does not contain "Shanghai dragon forum" the

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