The original and advanced high-quality novice literacy

original Jun wrote an original: how to eat Youpo surface at noon, eat a bad stomach, stomach pain, diarrhea, are false.

pseudo original Jun Jun, pseudo think this topic is good, so the article: pseudo pseudo Jun at noon after work, but he Pidianpidian ran across the street to the shop ordered a bowl of Youpo face Youpo face, eating feel not good, what is strange, today’s taste is not OK ah. "May be the chef today play mad." but I think. Worth mentioning, so today, finished. How to wipe your mouth, back to the office. Sit down soon, suddenly listen to "sound, but a Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles." Leng, instantly react, a microphone he meow, picked up a roll of toilet paper and rushed toward the toilet… (omitted 500 words), flushing sound, and world peace. Which know back to the office in less than half an hour, "thunder" and then sounded, tears ran in tears but picked up again toward the toilet toilet paper… (omitted 500 words). The flush ring, but the legs dragging collapse step flash to the office. Alas! How poor, victims of food hygiene, food hygiene quality serious street small hotel is no guarantee for

You see this topic

pan space is difficult to understand, but to give you an example. For example: this thing to eat a bad stomach, diarrhea.

August Shanghai love the quality of the update algorithm, spam on many sites of cleansing, so that some sites included directly fall to eventually be K too horrible to look at. As a result, there is a popular saying, this year, the original is King ah, look at the copy of the article, and are K like this. When it is just contact Shanghai dragon was October, when the original king is rampant, but also is one of the novice misguided. What is a fool for nearly a month, to awaken, love what Shanghai updated the original algorithm?! love Shanghai update algorithm is simply not what the original algorithm does not recognize the original love of Shanghai is not original, but the contribution on A5 has been stolen, because those pirate sites high weight, the old domain name, the original do quality is good, into the equivalent of love Shanghai white list, included with release than the new station to how much faster. This time it was aware of the original algorithm, simply does not exist. Since this period of time, often see a lot of new friends complain about the love of old Shanghai not included in his original, but found the problem still plaguing many novice Shanghai dragon ER and new station, today specially out to explain what.

article one after another, but the love of Shanghai only pseudo Jun Jun original articles confiscated. The original King confused? Original gentleman, don’t confuse, to compare, you can see, the poor quality of your love, Shanghai is not included, is normal. This example may be exaggerated, but how to tell you is that a lot of topics, do you think you are original, but one you love Shanghai, "

!The two The concept of

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