How to update the original article ranking or not go

believes there is a part of the webmaster, especially beginners webmaster will have such a doubt, is to update the original article site, the site’s ranking or not go. For this problem, Zhang Pengyang will talk about some of their own ideas.

three reasons: the original article content is insufficient, poor user experience

two: the article does not meet the needs of users

for this reason in fact with a similar, but also because there is no lexicon according to the words, to write articles to meet the needs of users. For example, the user search is certain the price of the product, but the search results is a mess and the product specifications related information, which is obviously not in line with the needs of users; in this case, if you can write a very detailed article about the price, I believe this article the ranking is absolutely up soon, even the chain do not do, because now the search engine for the density and frequency (TF) calculation is very advanced.


so, the establishment of industry keyword dictionary is very important, in the station of the update must be updated in accordance with the words in the thesaurus. This dictionary must be through a key tool to dig, do not rely on the human mind to speculate about the user, if by digging the word was not enough, so the artificial to expand the long tail keywords. But I think, if you really are the industry do go up, the flow and transformation of your absolute

: no reason to establish industry keyword thesaurus, not according to the words in the thesaurus to write original


but some editors in writing are just looking for a word, write an article, this is sometimes the original; I just want to say, even if this article is original, ranking, not necessarily useful, good luck, just a customer search word, such there may be a little. No customer search words, even if there is a place, what is the use? Can’t bring traffic, how to bring into

on the content form, and is the most basic, but I found that some people are just > at work

performance in the number and content form. Some people write, write only three hundred or four hundred words, like this, even if it is original, never be able to row to the first page, compared with the first article, frequency and density are not compared, although the search engine is very intelligent, but it is a program for the based on the analysis of key words or judgment.

which I encountered in the practical work of the problem, many of the company’s network sector has organized industry keyword thesaurus, including my company now is this. Do Shanghai dragon knows to regularly update the website article, this is definitely a very good habit.

is very impressive!


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